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A New Day

It's been a long time. A long time since posting anything to this site. And a very long time since I turned on my computer for the purpose of online gambling. Poker's a funny game. When you're into it, there's nothing else that you could imagine doing with your free time. But if you put the mouse down and try spending a little time enjoying other hobbies, poker becomes the furthest thing from your mind.

I've spent the better part of the past year playing video games. My free time is spent plowing through game after game in a desperate attempt to unwind from the daily grind of life. But I'm slowly reaching the point where I need to do a little more with my spare time. I'm getting a little worried that the constant gaming is starting to have a negative effect on my overall intelligence. I'm spending a little too much time "relaxing" and not enough time "thinking".

Despite the changes in the online poker market and poker's decreased popularity with the general population, I'm starting to feel that tickle in the back of my mind. I spent the better part of five years digesting all that I could about poker. I never made it big. I never went pro. I never learned to play the game very well. So why I am thinking about playing poker at possibly the worst time in online poker's short history?

I want to "think" again. I want to read books. I want to discuss poker with friends. I want to continue learning as much as I can about the game. I want to encourage others to take up poker. I want to pit my paltry skills against the faceless online community of poker players desperately clinging to an unpopular hobby like rats to a sinking ship.

It's not just poker that is clawing its way into my consciousness. I've also started watching World Series of Backgammon broadcasts on TV. That's right: the WSOB is a real thing! I don't quite understand where the strategy and skill comes into backgammon but I'm anxious to learn. I recently ordered a couple of books, Backgammon For Winners and Backgammon for Blood, to help me better understand backgammon. I might even try my hand at some online backgammon. I'll have to stick with freeroll backgammon tournaments as opposed to money games due to the ever-present bots and unchecked cheating going on in the online backgammon world but it's something I'm willing to try.

Were it not for the huge downside to online backgammon, I might never have considered taking up poker yet again. I haven't figured out whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Poker can be the world's worst hobby if taken just seriously enough to care about the daily swings that are a fundamental part of the game.

I'm going to take things slow for now. Read some books, play some backgammon, and maybe squeeze in a couple of freeroll poker tournaments over the next month or two. My once mighty bankroll has been reduced to a paltry $50 so I don't have many options. Well, I could always deposit more money but that feels like cheating. If my return to poker is met with some early success and if I can regain some confidence in my poker ability, I could speed the recovery process with a quick influx of funds.

Hopefully things will go well. Above all else, I hope to be joined by millions of U.S. poker players online sooner rather than later. Things aren't looking good right now but there's always hope...


SirFWALGMan said...

You had mighty poker skills? Who knew. ;).

Klopzi said...

@Waffles -

Mighty poker skills? No. There was a time when I thought I knew what I was doing. Looking back at any strategy-related posts confirms that I was always a donkey. Ignorance is bliss.

My bankroll was built up using poker and casino deposit bonuses and the bits of advertising money I was able to scrounge up for this site.

I remember about four years back winning a quick $600 in 10 minutes of online blackjack. Those were the days...

Oh well, here's to a bright new future of grinding at the $0.01/$0.02 limit hold'em tables!

Will said...

Welcome back to the poker world!

Klopzi said...

@Will -

Thanks. I'm expecting to get back at it within the next few days. Not sure what I'll be playing but I'm looking forward to spending some time on the virtual felt.

PokerOnTV said...

Great read, thanks for posting