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A Birthday Gamble

A couple years ago, my wife got me a terrific birthday present. New video game? New car? A pony? No, no, and unfortunately no. My wife got me something that every married man with young kids needs: a well-deserved night out with a friend at a casino!

I'd visited the occasional online casino, such as USA-OnlineCasinos.org, but had only been to a brick and mortar casino once prior to this birthday. My first casino visit took place back in 2005 for my bachelor party. At that time, poker was just beginning to gain in popularity. My local casino had a sea of slot machines and low EV table games but no poker.

When I visited the casino on my birthday, things had really changed. There was still a sea of singing slot machines being attended by the unwashed masses. A friend and I quickly passed by the flashing lights and glitz of the casino and soon found ourselves in the poker room. A dark, subdued setting filled with the clacking of chips, the riffle of cards, and the occasional groans or chuckles depending on how the cards fell.

I played a few hours of poker and walked away a hundred dollars richer. Nothing to write home about but it was nice. I even considered dropping some of my new-found wealth at a roulette table on the way out of the casino. I'd played a bit of online roulette once in attempt to test out one of my brother's "unbeatable" roulette strategies. Learning from my brother's misfortune (his strategy ultimately failed him), I decided to skip the roulette.

Being a gambler at heart, I did take a long-shot chance on my way home from the casino. I stopped for a quarter pound burger at a restaurant around the corner from my house. A few games of roulette would have been a better bet as the midnight fast food ended up being the only gamble I lost that evening...

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Enjoy Poker with Online Poker Sites

OnlinePokerSites.com has officially made a statement for the launch of its UK Poker sites page with season cash games that are scheduled to begin by December 2011. The events are expected to take place by 23:00 GMT in the online world. When participating in these events it is certain that you might get to enjoy the game play along with a number of pro-poker players like Ian Frazer and Neil Channing. The UK Poker Sites for players from United Kingdom is aiming to go live for the events on Friday and shall be telecasting the events for next six weeks in a row. The moment you are watching the game play then it is certain that new players might get to learn a lot of poker skills from some of the top poker players from around the globe.

The show is believed to be one of its kinds that shall be telecast for the first time via Online Poker Sites. Apart from this show is also expected to be telecast repeatedly on other days of the week for six weeks. So the moment you missed out watching any of the events then you can still watch the repeat telecast. Richard Orford and Tony Kendall shall be anchoring the show by offering their services as presenter of the show. It is also believed that this show shall offer players a chance to see perfect blend of technology and skills in the game of poker. So you can expect lots of poker action in this show. The first season of the show is also expected to telecast a number of big poker players including Jamie Burland, Ian Frazer, Julian Thew, Sam Razavi and Carlo Citrone.

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A Betting Man

I'm taking my return to the world of online gaming pretty slowly. I typically get quite excited to play poker when I'm at work. But the bus ride home and four to five hours of time spent with my family is killing my desire to gamble. By the time 10 o'clock rolls around, I'd rather sit back and relax.

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A New Day

It's been a long time. A long time since posting anything to this site. And a very long time since I turned on my computer for the purpose of online gambling. Poker's a funny game. When you're into it, there's nothing else that you could imagine doing with your free time. But if you put the mouse down and try spending a little time enjoying other hobbies, poker becomes the furthest thing from your mind.

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