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FTP Academy Challenge #2: Sit & Go By The Numbers

I was able to quickly finish up the "Guide to Sit and Gos" challenge very quickly last night. All I had to do was a play a 9-handed, non-turbo, real-money sit 'n go. I ended up going out in 9th place during level 4 (50/100 blinds). My AA fell to a flopped set of 3's. As much as I hate going out in 9th, I think I played well and was happy to clear my first FTP Academy challenge.

Next up is Aaron Bartley's "Sit & Go By The Numbers" challenge!

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FTP Academy Challenge #1: Guide to Sit and Go Tournaments

I played poker last night for the first time in a few months. Things felt a little shaky at first but I got into the groove towards the end of my session. The experience as a whole was alright but it got pretty rocky for a while.

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Follow Me on Twitter

Rather than continue to make poor attempts at keeping this site updated with regular posts, I will begin posting much of my day-to-day poker thoughts, results, and anything else that comes to mind via Twitter.

Please feel free to follow me at http://twitter.com/Klopzi

I'll also add a widget to this site for those of you unwilling to jump onto the Twitter bandwagon...or am I the only one who held out this long?

Have a great weekend!

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RSS Feed Update

I'm changing the RSS Feed for the site.

You can now view all of my posts (in their entirety) by subscribing to the following feed:


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Chip and a Chair

Poker's crept into my conscious thoughts at least once or twice a day since the weekend. I went a few months without so much as thinking about the game. Last weekend I decided to move all of my poker books from the bedroom to the basement. And that's what set things off...

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Fight or Fade Away?

Despite the fact that I haven't really played poker in a long while, I found thoughts of the game creeping into mind as I drove to work today.

I've started toying with the idea of playing some super cheap online poker. I don't think I've got the poker chops to compete with anyone playing poker regularly anymore. But maybe I still have enough skills to beat the sub-$5 sit-n-gos, tournaments, and cash games. Then again, do I have the patience or dedication to play poker at such low stakes when I've got a huge library of video games sitting at home?

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