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I'm not sure what to write at this point in time. After my last optimistic post, my poker play has taken a turn for the worse. Or perhaps it'd be more correct to say that my poker results haven't taken any turns lately, up or down. I picked up some great video games for my PS3 and left the "misery" of poker behind. There was a time when poker was fun. I'm sure it'll be fun to play poker again in the future. But for now, I'm not too keen on banging my head against the wall in an effort to beat the small stakes online games.

When I first started playing online poker, I easily had a few hours a night that I could devote to the game without sacrificing my other hobbies. But kids and other responsibilities quickly turned poker into an all-or-nothing proposition. And I hate being "forced" to do anything.

The UIGEA also made online poker a little worse by reducing the pool of casual players willing to throw money away. And the advent of instructional poker sites, videos, and thousands of books available for a few bucks on Amazon meant that even the newest poker players were able to ramp up their skills very quickly and give me a sound beating at the tables.

I guess I'm just unhappy to admit that I don't have the time or the passion to be a great poker player anymore. It's a lot of work to make a half-decent amount of money in online poker nowadays. I'm busy enough as it is and I just don't feel like studying the game right now. I lost my entire poker video collection when two backup hard drives failed. I'm sick of re-watching the poker videos that I've got on my Zune. And I just don't feel like reading any poker books. I've been reading McManus' Cowboys Full for a long time and can't seem to get through it. It's probably one of the more boring books that I've ever read. In McManus' defense, I've always been uninterested geography, history, or current world events.

I'm considering pulling out most of my bankroll from the two or three sites currently holding my funds. I'll likely leave a little money online just in case I feel like starting again from near-scratch. Perhaps $200 at Full Tilt, $200 at Stars, and another couple hundred at some other sites like Titan and Cake. Maybe I'll try playing some $5 PLO, $5 SNGs, and $2 heads-up SNGs. It's so depressing to see things turn out this way for poker.

But on the plus side, I'm very happy with how my life has turned out otherwise. Believe it or not, poker has played a roll in my success as a husband and father. And if my destiny is little more than providing a stable and happy home for family, I have no reason to complain.

I'll see you at the tables...eventually.

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