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Take 2 Masterfully Cleared

Although I missed out on the full $25 Take 2 bonus from Full Tilt, I did manage to play enough poker to pick up an easy $5.

Of course, I lost $30 while earning the bonus...

I don't know why I keep going back to poker. I keep getting pounded down over and over and over. It doesn't seem to matter which stakes I play either. At least it's must easier to get it all in with KK vs. AA pre-flop at a $10 buy-in table.

I'm going to keep at it for the next little while by playing micro-stakes no-limit hold'em. I'm currently playing $10 RUSH at Full Tilt and $25 6-max at Party Poker. Why Party? They can't seem to stop giving me free money. I can't cash it out without meeting Party's insane playthrough requirements but I can't complain. Free money is always nice.


JT said...

It's been some time but I hope things have picked up. Sometimes everyone has a slow period but in the end it always works out. Sorry for sounding cliched. A couple of months ago I was thinking of giving up but I kept going and now I'm enjoying it again!!

Klopzi said...

JT -

It has been a little while. I've been focusing quite a bit on video games and on my game-related site. I think the upcoming UIGEA nonsense killed some of my interest in poker. Not sure what I'm going to do from here on out. I guess we'll find out sometime in the coming months.