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A Little Positive Thinking

There's something about starting fresh that tends to rekindle my desire to play poker. Less pressure, less to prove, and less at stake. I tend to say this same thing every few months but it's worth repeating: poker's supposed to be fun. I always - and I mean always - lose sight of this simple fact when I focus on grinding out bonuses. I guess that's the nature of the grind and my competitive, results-oriented personality. If you feel that you have to play every day, poker stops being entertainment and quickly becomes a job. A low-paying, thankless job that kicks you in the nuts every single time you sit down to "play".

I'm going to try to play a little more poker for the next little while. I'm not setting any goals in terms of hands played or hours spent sitting at the virtual tables. I'll probably end up playing big bet poker - namely no-limit hold'em and pot-limit Omaha. I kind of miss PLO and feel like giving it a try again. I'll probably play $10 6-max PLO because, let's face it, I stink at Omaha. I'm not patient enough, I'm too aggressive when I shouldn't be agressive, and I fold too easily when pot-odds dictate a call. And maybe I'll even try some sit n' gos as well. They're cheap, they're pretty mindless, and I'll have no expectations in terms of my performance.

I'm not sure what I plan to get from poker for the rest of the year. With the UIGEA about to stop U.S. players from indulging in online poker, I'm not sure what to think about this little hobby of mine. I like jumping between online poker and video games whenever the mood strikes. I'd hate to lose poker after having invested a large part of my adult life into the game.

For now, I guess I'll just play when I can and enjoy my time as best I can. It'd be nice to start winning again. But there are always lower stakes games that will catch me if I fall. And even if I lose, I've got the bankroll management skills to continue my online poker career indefinitely. A

There may come a day when I find myself forced to play the $2 buy-in no-limit hold'em games. Maybe I'd be forced to stay up late on a nightly basis hoping to eek a few bucks out of nightly freeroll tournaments. Action is action, as they say. You know what? None of that sounds all that bad. I guess my poker future's looking rosy after all.

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Donnie said...

absolutely. its nice to take a break- or to play intermittently. the more you play, your expectations change and as you say it becomes unenjoyable. nice post- simple positive message, that i wish more people took note of.

JJ said...

Great post, and you are right - positive thoughts definitely make a difference - thanks it has put a positive spin on my day!

Benjamin said...

I think your Poker future is looking very rosey indeed.
You don't often read such positive and feel good poker blogs these days
(or any days)
Keep it up, your blog is a pleasure to read!x

JT said...

After reading sooo many cynical blogs I've gotta say, that was a breath of fresh air. Always better to look at the glass as half-full.

Klopzi said...

I have to admit to feeling a little bad. A lot of nice comments to this post and I haven't really played much poker since writing this.

Hectic life, busy at work, and a general level of mental exhaustion have caused me to put poker on the back-burner.

Thanks for the comments though. They are much appreciated!

alexandra said...

ur absolutely right.. :) great post

JT said...

Hectic life, busy at work, and mental exhaustion... sounds like you needed a break from all the poker!! Have you recovered and started playing again?

Klopzi said...

@JT -

No, not yet. Unfortunately, I've gotten into Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3. Long game, really engaging story and intellectually-stimulating combat. It's like poker without the associated loss of money.

I'm sure I'll play poker again. I just can't say when it'll happen.