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A Little Positive Thinking

There's something about starting fresh that tends to rekindle my desire to play poker. Less pressure, less to prove, and less at stake. I tend to say this same thing every few months but it's worth repeating: poker's supposed to be fun. I always - and I mean always - lose sight of this simple fact when I focus on grinding out bonuses. I guess that's the nature of the grind and my competitive, results-oriented personality. If you feel that you have to play every day, poker stops being entertainment and quickly becomes a job. A low-paying, thankless job that kicks you in the nuts every single time you sit down to "play".

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Take 2 Masterfully Cleared

Although I missed out on the full $25 Take 2 bonus from Full Tilt, I did manage to play enough poker to pick up an easy $5.

Of course, I lost $30 while earning the bonus...

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Disappointing Start to April

I started my fresh start at Full Tilt last night. I forgot to play over the Easter weekend and find myself unable to qualify for the full $25 Take 2 Bonus. A lapse in judgment on my part. I was too busy eating chocolate and playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on my PS3.

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