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Brutal Results, Brutal Legend

The losses continue to pile up at the tables. Talk about a buzz kill. It's really hard to get enthusiastic about playing poker when I can't shake that losing feeling. It's hard to choose poker over other activities when those losing sessions keep coming.

I did play a good long session at Stars over the weekend. I decided to get started on clearing my 900 VPPs this month despite the outstanding Full Tilt "Rush" poker bonus. I was worried that I'd burn myself out before getting back to Stars and my almost-cleared New Year's reload bonus.

I put in about 300 hands on Saturday, earned a $10 Stellar Reward, and got one step closer to my $100 reload bonus. Of course, I lost money on my session. Thankfully it was only a 25 BB loss as opposed to one of my more amazing 100 BB+ losing sessions that I've had in the past.

I'm going to hit the tables for a bit tonight. No expectations about wins or losses. I'm just going to grind for a bit while watching TV with my wife. And when the poker's done, I'm going to jump back into Brutal Legend - my latest video game impulse purchase.

If the Poker Gods won't have me, maybe the Gods of Metal will give me a shot...


Nomad said...

Don't give up man. Envision yourself winning and it will happen.

Klopzi said...

Nomad -

I pictured myself winning last night. Unfortunately, Stars had pictured something a little different...

Stephen Kammerman said...

Remember, it's about the marathon, not the sprint. Probably not much consolation now but the winds always change. Every down is eventually followed by an up.

Klopzi said...

@Stephen -

Logically, I understand that things will turn around. But the short-sighted, show-me-the-money side of my personality has problems waiting for the long-term realities to set in.

I'll keep plugging away and hoping that my next session will be the one to turn things around.