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Stop the Bleeding

I finally finished off my New Year's Reload Bonus at PokerStars. All told, I cleared $190 in bonuses and Stellar Rewards over the past three months. I also dropped about 250 BB at $1/$2 short-handed limit games over that same period. I don't know what to say. I'm told that long losing streaks are usually due to poor play. I guess I just stink at limit hold'em.

Time to change up my plans for the year...again.

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Online Casino Games

An acquaintance contacted me recently and asked if he could write a guest post on my site. I'm sure most of you are sick of hearing about my constant string of bad beats and horrible plays at the tables. Last night's session was pretty sick, for what it's worth. I thought a little guest post might liven things up a bit and bring a little diversity to this site's content.

I've posted Michael Baker's guest post below. Enjoy!

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Par for the course

How's poker going? I can think of a few choice words that I could share with you. But out of respect for my readers and anyone reading this at work, I'll keep my mouth shut.

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Rested and Ready

Well, it looks like I've gone and done it again. Hit a bad streak at the tables and thrown poker to the wayside. I can't help it. Honestly, poker is best played when you're winning. Start losing night after night and it gets to you.

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Brutal Results, Brutal Legend

The losses continue to pile up at the tables. Talk about a buzz kill. It's really hard to get enthusiastic about playing poker when I can't shake that losing feeling. It's hard to choose poker over other activities when those losing sessions keep coming.

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February Results? Standard...

Another stretch of time with no updates...? Honestly, things haven't been going very well at the tables. And I handle losing poorly. I guess it's good that I've given up any hopes of going "pro" because I'd get killed. I'd probably spend one week losing and then spend the rest of the year looking for a job and playing video games.

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