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Sunshine and Lollipops

I had a great weekend spending time with my wife and kids. I played a few good-length session of poker at Stars with mixed results. And I managed to squeeze in a bit of time with Dead Space when I found myself a little tilty. For now, I'll say that my hobbies are back in balance and life is good.

As hard as I try, I can't seem to focus too heavily on poker or video games without slipping back to equilibrium. I thought that there were no video games that I wanted to play this year. I was wrong: I just felt like playing a bunch of poker. But poor results have a funny way of making me seek comfort in other forms of entertainment and video games always seem to fit the bill nicely.

I was going to post some of the hands I played over the weekend. But I realize that limit hold'em hands are largely uninteresting to most of my readers. I'll summarize by saying that I won money by getting lucky and playing some hands quite well. And I lost money by making a few bad calls and by running into the top-end of my opponents' ranges. Nothing like having a 90/60/1.8 player finally pick up rockets and taking me value town with my second-pair hand.

Actually - Value Town wasn't that bad a place. Once I got there, the Villain bought me an ice cream cone and then we spent the evening riding the ferris wheel down by the beach. Poker's nothing but sunshine and lollipops when you're in the right frame of mind...


The Poker Meister said...

Since you've been on both sides of the fence, can you sum up the difference of a NL player wanting to switch over to LHE?

For instance, when to and not float AK, etc.?

Standard VPIPs / PFRs, etc.?

Rush Poker said...

Yes thank you for saving us the torture of posting the limit hands :) Just Kidding :)

Klopzi said...

@Rush -

I think there's only a small subset of readers who actually read "poker" blogs for the poker content.

I know I tend to look for posts about big wins or big losses. Unfortunately, I offer neither at this site. If I started posting LHE hand histories, I'd probably lose the small readership that I enjoy right now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Klopzi said...

@Meister -

I haven't played enough poker on either side of the fence to have a solid opinion for you.

I can say that limit hold'em is more about math and tilt control. The game is faster and you will get brutally rivered time and again.

Another difference is that no-limit hold'em is about patience and waiting for big hands to play big pots. In limit hold'em, especially 6-max, you don't have that opportunity. Limit hold'em is an action game and it will kill your bankroll far faster than no-limit hold'em will if you're not careful.

As for floating AK, standard VPIPs, etc., there is not one answer to these questions. Limit hold'em is poker and, as with all poker questions, the answers can vary considerably.

My suggestion is to read a few books (check out the list of books I have listed in my Required Reading section), watch a few videos, and then play 10K - 20K hands of $0.50/$1 or $1/$2 LHE.

I really enjoy limit hold'em but it can be really trying and difficult at times...much like no-limit hold'em.