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Online Casino Spotlight: Slots, Craps, and More

It's been a rough month for me at the poker tables. Things started off well, got a little worse, and then the bottom really fell out. Poker's a game of small edges and grinding thousands upon thousands of hands. But there are times when I really need an immediate reward for my gambling prowess.

There's always online blackjack. I could try and grind out thousands of hands, all the while trying not to fall victim to the 0.5% house edge. But blackjack feels a lot like poker without the small edge granted to me by skill. Mind you, I'm starting to believe that my edge in poker is a matter of perception and ego.

If I really want to gamble, I could play online slots. Now that's gambling! You're almost guaranteed to lose when playing slots. But you'll rarely find a more relaxing yet strangely exciting form of gaming. Buy credits, pull the virtual lever, and hope for the best. If you're looking to reduce the house edge as much as possible, you should check out the following primer for Slots Online. The basics of online slots are explained. Anything that can help you walk away a big winner or small loser is worth reading, right?

Another game I've always wanted to try is craps. You see it in movies, you read about in blogs, and you walk past the tables in your local casinos. I didn't even know you could play craps online. Thanks to the Online Craps by OnlineCasinoSpotlight.com - "Your Guide to Online Casinos Gambling" - I know how to play craps, where to play, and how get bonuses just for playing the game.

I'll probably take another few days off from poker as I continue to decompress from this terrible month at the tables. The simple fact that I'm considering slots or craps is a testament to just how bad my poker game feels right now.

Have a good one! I'll see you at the tables!

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