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The Missing Piece

I took another hit at the tables last night. I seem to repaying last month's good fortunes with interest. I'm not really concerned with my results. I've only played about 2,000 hands this month and the swings in SHFL can be pretty ridiculous. The hardest part of the game is sticking to my plan despite the string of bad beats and cold decks.

I played a couple pots last night that could have put me in the black for February again. But rivered two-pair hands and flushes have a way of cooling off even the hottest of streaks. It's all good though. I never apologize when I pick up lucky river cards nor do I expect my opponents to feel bad for rivering me. It's just a part of the game that keeps things exciting...and frustrating.

I'll be taking a night off from the tables tonight. I've already cleared 700 VPPs this month and I'm pretty tired today. There's a nasty cold going around and I feel that I may be finally succumbing. Thankfully I have video games to tide me over should I fall ill. But I'm quite keen on getting back to the tables ASAP to see if I can turn things around.

I've really got to work on my game a bit. I think the biggest skill I'm lacking right now is the ability to flop sets. My opponents seem to have this skill down pat. Until I can figure how to flop sets three or four hands in a row, I'll continue to struggle at the tables.

And one last thing: does anyone know how many FPPs it costs to have PokerStars reset the doom switch on my account? Or is this purchase a "concierge" service only?

Have a good one!

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