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Down But Not Out

You read in my last post that things haven't been going very well in poker recently. Honestly, I think I'm well within the realms of "standard" when it comes to short-handed limit hold'em. My confidence still takes a hit when I decide to call down a really tilty or laggy player with an ace-high and lose in spectacular fashion at showdown. I'm down but not out - a common refrain that you'll hear from me throughout the year, I suspect.

I've finished playing all of the hands needed to clear the $40 instant bonus at Stars. I've also cleared another $50 of my New Year's reload bonus. I'm trying to plan out my next month at the tables...and away. I'm still trying to find some sort of balance between my addictions to poker and video games. I guess there are worse addictions out there, right?

I've just read about a new bonus at Full Tilt. Has anyone heard about a no-deposit $50 bonus (or more) happening right now? I think I could clear this bonus in about eight hours. That's definitely something that I could do over the next week or so. I've been playing a bunch of Assassin's Creed II lately and would like to finish it off. But I can't overlook bonus offers from the Stars or Full Tilt in the process.

My overall plan is to get my results at $1/$2 SHFL back up to break even. At that point, I think I'll be ready to take an honest stab at $2/$4. I'm beating my opponents at $1/$2 but the rake is killing me. I've got the bankroll for $2/$4 so there's no point in delaying any further. I just need to start winning again.

I ended up dropping 40 BBs while clearing the $40 instant bonus at Stars. That's not a great result but it's one I can live with. I've probably been running a little unlucky but it's hard to say. I'm currently re-reading Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies in addition to watchign and re-watching training videos ad nauseum.

I like the DeucesCracked limit hold'em videos. However, I find it hard to truly understand many of the finer points that come up in the lessons. DC's instructors are so incredibly good at the game that many of their thought processes are autonomic. When DanzaSmack raises an opponent on the turn, he may not be able to explain why he thinks his opponent is weak. Instead, he'll just say that given the board and reads and raising is the right play to make. When I play, I have problems identifying similar situations when they come up because I don't have the necessary skills or experience. It'd be like me trying to describe the thought process and steps that go into breathing: it's an automatic response taken by my body that operates below conscious thought. Bottom line? I'll keep working on my game.

To sum up my next month in poker and other gaming:

  1. Clear a bonus at Full Tilt ($50 or more)
  2. Finish clearing the last $50 of my New Year's reload bonus at Stars (800 VPP)
  3. Finish Assassin's Creed II on my Xbox 360

I'm probably looking at playing about 5,000 hands over the next 36 days to clear everything. Maybe more if my Full Tilt bonus is of the $100 variety. Win or lose, the next month will be a real test. With video games back in my life and my results at the table turning sour, it'll be interesting to see if I can keep playing poker on a regular basis.

Have a good one!

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