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Coughs, Colds, and Forty Billion Hands

I've been getting progressively sicker over the past couple days. I decided to not play poker while sick this year in the hopes of improving my session-to-session results. I find that my chances of playing winning poker are proportional to my overall physical health. Feel good, play well; feel sick, bankroll takes a hit.

Of course, PokerStars decides that today is the perfect day to announce a new "40 Billionth Hand" event. Son of a ...

Here's the e-mail that PokerStars sent me this morning:

Just over eight years after the first card was dealt, PokerStars is gearing up to deal our 40 billionth hand! Every PokerStars player had a part to play in reaching this landmark, so everyone is invited to join our F40 celebrations! Here’s how you can join the fun:

Leading up to the 40 billionth Mega Milestone, starting with hand 39,601,000,000, players dealt into every millionth hand will earn a cash prize based on the VPPs they’ve earned at the table. There will be 400 milestone hands during F40, which we estimate will award more than $1 million! Check out the F40 webpage to find out how much you could win.

  • On Sunday, February 21 at 16:30 ET, there will be a special Sunday Million 4th Anniversary Edition with $4 million guaranteed prize pool and a first prize of at least $1 million

  • On Sunday, February 14 at 14:30 ET we’re hosting a $40 tourney with a $1 million guarantee

  • We’re holding eight special tournaments over an eight day period from February 14-21, each with a 40 FPP buy-in and $40,000 prize pool!

From February 14-21, there will be 40-man Super Sit & Go tourneys with buy-ins of $1.10, $11, $22 and $55. All Super Sit & Go first place finishers will receive an extra cash prize at the end of the promotion: a share of a $40,000 prize pot. There will be one $40,000 prize pot for each Super Sit & Go buy-in level, for a total of $160,000!

We’re offering a one-per-customer $40 instant cash credit, which you can purchase for 2,500 FPPs. You will find it in the VIP Store until the end of the F40 celebrations on February 21.

The biggest celebration around is happening on PokerStars this February - we’ll see you there!

Sick or not, I really want to pick up that $40 instant cash credit. I'm not sure how many FPPs I have but I'm hoping to earn enough FPPs over the next ten days to get the bonus.

I think I'll take one last night away from the tables tonight. My cough is getting a little worse but I should be able to play tomorrow. As long the fog in my brain clears away overnight, I'll be game-ready for the weekend!

Have a good one!

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