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The Clock's Ticking

I didn't play very much poker over the weekend. Between Valentines' Day and the damned cough that I've developed, I just didn't have much time to hit the tables. I put in a couple sessions despite my "don't play when sick" rule. I'm not sure how my stubbornness has affected my bottom-line because I haven't looked at my results since last week.

I've decided that I won't look at my results until I've finished clearing the 500 FPPs I need to buy my instant $40 cash bonus at PokerStars. I've got until next Sunday to earn these FPPs. I figure it'll take me about five hours assuming my usual clear rate of 80 VPPs/hour. I'm hoping that I can finish up some sessions feeling good about my play. Lately, I've found myself getting a little frustrated with the play at the tables. I think I've only ended up 2 out of the 10 or 11 sessions that I've played this month. Of course, I'll have to wait a few more days to see how things have actually turned out. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised and refuse to consider the alternative.

I've been gradually increasing the amount of video games that I play over the past couple weeks. This has meant less time for poker but I'm hoping that some hobby diversification will have a +EV effect on poker. I've got a friend ready to lend me Assassin's Creed II for my Xbox 360. I've got to clear my PokerStars bonus before I start playing that game. It's supposedly a great game and that gets me worried about the amount of time I'll be willing to devote to poker.

I'm planning on hitting up Stars tonight for a couple hours. We'll see if I can get horribly lucky and river some poor unfortunates. What goes around comes around, right?

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