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Almost There...

I put in another session at PokerStars last night and cleared 100 FPPs. I only need another 180 FPPs to purchase the $40 instant cash bonus from the VIP store. Unfortunately, my session did not go well. I don't know the actual numbers but I'd say I was down quite a bit.

I've started running into the same problem that crushed me back in November. Hands that are typically quite strong - specifically top pair and two pair - are just not holding up for me. I'm getting mildly cold-decked (e.g. top-bottom pair vs. top-two pair) . And my opponents are hitting their draws in big multiway pots. I think this is starting to get me into the pattern of folding too easily on the river to a single bet in medium-sized pots (6-7 BBs).

I'll just stick with my game plan for now. I find that knee-jerk reactions to short-term results can be disastrous. I'll just have to trust that there will come a time when my top pair and two-pair hands are actually good when I get raised on the turn or river by aggressive opponents. I know that my opponents' pair and two-pair hands are doing a good job of beating my hands. Payback will be sweet.

My plans for the weekend involve a bit of poker, a bunch of Assassin's Creed II, and whole lot of relaxing. I've had a cold and cough for a while now and I just need to take it easy.

Have a great weekend!

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Memphis MOJO said...

Have a great weekend. GL at the (virtual) tables.