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Baby Steps

I logged into Full Tilt last night, ready to start clearing the new "Rush" bonus. I then spent the next ten minutes trying to find the bonus information. Just as I was beginning to wonder whether or not I'd qualified for the bonus, I suddenly remembered that I needed to opt-in via the Request menu. Full Tilt - why not put the bonus information somewhere in the Cashier window? I was honestly pissed off for a while last night thinking that I'd been snubbed by Howard and crew.

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Down But Not Out

You read in my last post that things haven't been going very well in poker recently. Honestly, I think I'm well within the realms of "standard" when it comes to short-handed limit hold'em. My confidence still takes a hit when I decide to call down a really tilty or laggy player with an ace-high and lose in spectacular fashion at showdown. I'm down but not out - a common refrain that you'll hear from me throughout the year, I suspect.

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Online Casino Spotlight: Slots, Craps, and More

It's been a rough month for me at the poker tables. Things started off well, got a little worse, and then the bottom really fell out. Poker's a game of small edges and grinding thousands upon thousands of hands. But there are times when I really need an immediate reward for my gambling prowess.

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Almost There...

I put in another session at PokerStars last night and cleared 100 FPPs. I only need another 180 FPPs to purchase the $40 instant cash bonus from the VIP store. Unfortunately, my session did not go well. I don't know the actual numbers but I'd say I was down quite a bit.

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Seriously? Seriously?!

I haven't posted for a couple days because I haven't played. I've got about 180 VPPs left to clear at PokerStars for the month of February. That'll net me a $40 instant cash bonus and an additional $50 bonus from my ongoing Stars reload bonus. Of course, I'm sure that I've lost much more than $90 in my past few sessions. Things have not been going well. For that reason, I've decided to take a couple nights off from poker to try and recharge my batteries.

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The Clock's Ticking

I didn't play very much poker over the weekend. Between Valentines' Day and the damned cough that I've developed, I just didn't have much time to hit the tables. I put in a couple sessions despite my "don't play when sick" rule. I'm not sure how my stubbornness has affected my bottom-line because I haven't looked at my results since last week.

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Coughs, Colds, and Forty Billion Hands

I've been getting progressively sicker over the past couple days. I decided to not play poker while sick this year in the hopes of improving my session-to-session results. I find that my chances of playing winning poker are proportional to my overall physical health. Feel good, play well; feel sick, bankroll takes a hit.

Of course, PokerStars decides that today is the perfect day to announce a new "40 Billionth Hand" event. Son of a ...

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The Missing Piece

I took another hit at the tables last night. I seem to repaying last month's good fortunes with interest. I'm not really concerned with my results. I've only played about 2,000 hands this month and the swings in SHFL can be pretty ridiculous. The hardest part of the game is sticking to my plan despite the string of bad beats and cold decks.

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Sunshine and Lollipops

I had a great weekend spending time with my wife and kids. I played a few good-length session of poker at Stars with mixed results. And I managed to squeeze in a bit of time with Dead Space when I found myself a little tilty. For now, I'll say that my hobbies are back in balance and life is good.

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T. I. L. T.

Things have certainly been a little rough to start out the month of February. A scant two days after I finally manage to get my $1/$2 6-max limit hold'em results out of the red, I now find myself back where I started. That's the frustrating thing about poker. You think you've got things figured out. You think you know how to beat the games.

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Running Blind

My first session this month was a good one. Tonight's session was not so great. I really found myself struggling with blind defense and blind stealing. It's hard stealing or defending blinds against solid and/or aggressive opponents with marginal hands. Although it may be technically correct to attempt a blind steal with a pocket threes, that all depends on how well you play post-flop. My bankroll would have been bettered served by a little selective aggression on my part.

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