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Swimming with the Fish at Pacific Poker

When I started playing online poker years ago, there were a number of poker rooms that I visited regularly. One of the big sites that I really loved was Pacific Poker. I remember spending weeks playing at their micro-stakes no-limit hold'em tables ($10 buy-in) and $0.50/$1 full-ring limit hold'em games. I liked the games because of the big and frequent bonuses offered. More importantly, Pacific Poker's cash game traffic seemed primarily composed of bad LAGs and generous, friendly fish. Ahh, the good old days...

Well, I'm happy to say that the old days are making a comeback.

Pacific Poker is putting up some solid traffic numbers in this post-UIGEA world. In terms of cash games, you can usually find great short-handed limit hold'em, no-limit texas hold'em (short-handed and full-ring), and short-handed pot-limit Omaha games. If your interested in trying your luck at any of these games, you'll be happy to know that new players are eligible for a deposit bonus of 100% up to $400. That's a good sum of money that can go a long way to building a solid bankroll.

If cash games aren't your thing, Pacific Poker offers up a good variety of poker tournaments. No matter how big or small your bankroll, Pacific Poker has a got you covered. Besides the regular freerolls, you can buy-in to tournaments for as little as a $1 or as much as a few hundred dollars.  Once you find a tournament that suits your budget, you'll soon find that Pacific Poker's tournaments don't really play the way you'd expect. Forget tight play and struggling to make it into the money: these tournaments play fast and loose. I'm told that the money bubbles burst faster than my hopes and dreams of becoming a winning poker player. I remember when online tournaments used to be nice and easy. I once played a freeroll and cashed for $100 after only one short hour that saw me do nothing except fold some hands, open a couple beers, and eat a bag of chips.

Pacific Poker offers up many more advantages to its players besides good cash games, great tournaments, and a big sign-up bonus! They also offer:

  • a $50K First Depositors' Challenge
  • a great poker loyalty program
  • texas hold'em cash game and tournament tips
  • terrific customer support to assist new and experienced players get the most from their online poker experience
  • an archive of online articles designed to help you understand pot odds, game selection, Omaha poker, and more

If you're a non-US poker player looking to for a ton of free money, great games, and some big tournament scores, look no further than Pacific Poker.

Good luck and have fun!

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