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Rested and Ready

I decided to take a second night away from the tables last night. My wife and I spent almost twelve hours driving to and from the funeral we attended a couple days ago. At the time, I didn't feel too bad. My right leg was a bit sore from having to keep the gas pedal fully depressed during out trip. And I endured hours of mild pain due to a moderate case of "wallet butt". Other than that the trip, though long, seemed pretty standard.

Yesterday, I felt really wiped from the trip. I don't understand how driving can make me feel so exhausted. When I got home from work last night, I called an audible. I decided to spend the night relaxing in front of the TV with my wife and a beer.

I'm feeling much more rested today. I'm ready to get back to the tables tonight. I've got a few more days and nights to spend at Full Tilt before returning to PokerStars.

Starting in Monday, I'll be back at Stars to clear another 1,000 VPPs. These points should earn me another $10 Stellar Reward and I'll clear another $50 of my 2010 Reload bonus. According to PT3, the $60 in bonus that I earned at Stars in January worked out to roughly 35% rakeback. Not too bad.

I'm not sure how many hands I'll end up clearing by January's end. At last check, I was sitting at about 6,500 hands played in no-limit hold'em and limit hold'em games. The few sessions of RUSH poker that I played at Full Tilt allowed me to play many more hands. Of course, those same hands had a negative effect on my overall winnings in January.

I'll try to put in another 2,000 hands this weekend. I really feel that my $1/$2 SHFL game is coming along. I'm still making mistakes here and there but I'm definitely holding my own. I'm playing a very tight ABC-style of poker. As much as I'd like to open things up a bit, the huge impact of the rake on my overall results is way too big. I just can't bring myself to play marginal hands when I know how difficult it will be to beat my opponent, win the hand, and end up beating the rake as well.

Before I go, I also wanted to mention that I've started reading The Godfather of Poker. Great book! I thought I knew everything about Doyle Brunson after reading Super System, Super System 2, Deal Me In, Poker Wisdom of a Champion, and My 50 Most Memorable Hands. But The Godfather of Poker has a great deal of stuff that I'd never read. There is a whole lot of story to tell even before Doyle's leg was crushed, forever changing Doyle's destiny and the poker landscape forever.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Memphis MOJO said...

Recharging the batteries -- always a good thing to do. GL over the weekend.

Klopzi said...

@Memphis -

Thanks Memphis - you too!

Benny said...

Hey - nothing wrong with a cold beer and a bit of television with the wife.

Hope you get back into things soon.

Klopzi said...

@Benny -

Beer and TV are good. And I did jump back into poker over the weekend and managed to get in a good number of hands.