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Quick Update!

I don't have much time to write today. I played a bunch of hands over the weekend, cleared some VPPs at Stars, and lost a bunch of money. I'm not too worried about the money lost. I learned some good lessons and managed to fight off tilt. And if I can learn to deal with the swings in poker - even those caused entirely by the mistakes I make at the tables - I'll be in good shape down the road.

On a positive note, a friend has offered to sweat me in some no-limit hold'em sessions this week. I'll be downloading a copy of TeamViewer before my next session. I hope that these sessions will have a noticeably positive impact on my game and get me back to playing winning poker.

I'm also going to increase the number of tables I play from two to three. I haven't played three tables at once for a little while but I'd like to get back into the habit of playing more tables. I'm not trying to make up for my losses with volume. But I am hoping that more tables and more action will help me improve my game at a slightly faster pace.

Have a good one!

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