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Netbooks and Poker Training Vids

A quick question for my readers:

Does anyone out there use a netbook for watching poker training videos? If you do, have you tried watching videos of two- or four-tabling?

And finally, would it be reasonable to use a netbook on a commuter bus? Sitting only or do they sell wrist-straps (or some other device) that would make it feasible to stand while watching a video playing on a netbook?

If anyone out there could help me out with some answers, I'd appreciate it.


The Poker Meister said...

I have an Asus EEE PC 8gb netbook - one of the original netbooks. I bought it with the intent of playing poker, which I can and still occasionally do. As far as watching videos, the computer handles everything I throw at it; my 2 year old watches Barney divx movies all of the time. I'd imagine watching 4 tables may be a little difficult given the resolution of my netbook (1024x600) but you can get normal resolution netbooks nowadayas (1368x1024). I would not get the 1024x600 netbooks if your sole plan is to 4 table.

Klopzi said...

@Meister -

Thanks for the info! I currently watch 1 table on my 320x240 3.2" screen.

I think the 1024x600 10.1" screen could probably do the trick. As long as the netbook can play movies reasonably well, that's a definite plus.

I'll see if anyone else chimes in about the Netbook's portability and ease of use during morning/evening commutes.


TripJax said...

I'm wondering if the Apple Tablet will allow for actual online poker play or if it will be a closed format that doesn't allow the proper functionality. TBD soon I guess...