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Month in Review: January 2010

My New Year started off very slowly. That always seems to be the case when I make resolutions to become more involved with poker. I get serious about the game, study my ass off, and proceed to lose money hand over fist at the tables.

However, I fought off tilt. I fought back my instincts to give up on the game based on my short-term results. And in the end, I managed to pull of a very rare winning month at the tables!

I put in an incredible number of hands in January for a happily married father of two. I hear about other so-called "family men" putting in three or four hours of poker a night. Of course, five years down the road they find themselves divorced and paying alimony. A happy wife and kids are +EV in my books both in the short-term and long-term.

Here's a breakdown of how I spent my time playing poker this past month:

  • $0.50/$1 SHFL: 2,360 hands ()

  • $1/$2 SHFL: 3,379 hands ()

  • $10 SHNL: 1,589 hands ()

  • $25 SHNL: 1,602 hands ()

I spent most of January losing money. It wasn't until my birthday rolled round that I finally started posting some wins. Even though I only won about 40% of the sessions that I played, my wins were bigger than my losses and I managed to come out ahead in the end.

I was actually up quite a bit after my birthday weekend but ended the month off with a few bad sessions. The biggest leaks in my limit hold'em game include a failure to value bet hands on the river and calling down a bit light in spots where I'm likely behind (e.g. when I get 3-bet on the turn after check-raising or getting check-raised on the river).

I'm definitely happy with the volume I put in. I managed to pick up an extra $60 in bonuses at Stars and $35 in rakeback from Full Tilt. I also earned myself a couple decks of Copag cards. Money's nice but "free" swag always puts a smile on my face!

My plans for February are to put in some volume at PokerStars. I'll earn the 1,000 VPPs I need playing the $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 games. I'm also hoping to start playing in the $2/$4 SHFL games again. I really need to try and move up a little more aggressively in an effort to reduce the effects of the rake on my results.

I played a good session tonight to kick off a new month at Stars. I actually picked up my first ever Royal Flush. It's a shame that it happened in a limit game but it was still nice to have an opponent pay off my nut hand on the river.

I'll try and keep things going tonight. I'm about 10% of the way to clearing my monthly 1,000 VPP goal at Stars. One session down, eleven more to go! And then it's back to Full Tilt for some sweet rakeback.

Have a good one!


Memphis MOJO said...

GL in February.

A happy wife and kids are +EV in my books both in the short-term and long-term.


Klopzi said...

Thanks Memphis.