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It's In The Cards

I put in a good session last night at Stars. It didn't take me very long to earn the FPPs I needed to order my set of Copag cards. Although I wanted to have the cards in time for a live poker game next week, I'm hoping to have them for the live games my friends and I play in the future.

I changed things up last night. I played one table of $1/$2 SHFL (short-handed fixed limit hold'em) and one table of $0.50/$1 SHFL. I think a slow re-integration back into the $1/$2 games could suit me well. And that plan worked out well last night. I lost 9 BBs at $1/$2 but gained 15 BBs at $0.50/$1. Throw in the Copag cards earned with my FPPs and I'm happy with my session.

There is another change that I plan on making early in the New Year. I think I'm going to give up on Poker Tracker 3 and move to Hold'em Manager. I strongly feel that the HM software offers much better way of getting information into the hands of its users. HM has a much better community, better reports, better HUD, and better default stats and layout. I find Poker Tracker 3 does an adequate job but seems to be missing that certain "something" that makes it really click.

There is only one problem: all of my hand histories are stored on an external hard drive that, as luck would have it, also crashed over the weekend. Two hard drives crashing in two weeks - fun. I've ordered some spare parts from Hong Kong in an attempt to fix the drive myself. If that fails, I'll likely pull the external hard drive enclosure apart and attempt to retrieve the hard drive for insertion into a yet-to-be-purchased 3.5" hard-drive enclosure.

Once I've got all my hand histories and a reliable back-up drive, I'll purchase Hold'em Manager with the optional Omaha component. I may be a losing player but that won't stop me from looking ahead and hoping for a brighter future for my online poker career.

My plans for tonight include more of the same: playing SHFL at Stars and clearing VPPs. While I should probably start saving up to purchase bonuses from the Stars VIP store, I think my next purchase will be Tony Holden's Bigger Deal. It's only 1000 FPPs and I liked Holden's original Big Deal.

Have a good one!


The Poker Meister said...

Congrats on the healthy session. Things are looking up for me this month as well! I'm up 15+ buy ins!

Klopzi said...

Meister -

Good stuff! I'm up two decks of cards. Not quite 15 buy-ins but it's something...