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HEM vs. PT3

I purchased a copy of Hold'em Manager tonight. I installed it, imported all of my PT3 hands into the database, and took a look at the results. Strangely enough, Hold'em Manager and PT3 differ on my winnings right across the board. I updated my Results Summary with the new Hold'em Manager numbers before realizing that Hold'em Manager was wrong. Many of the hands classified as 6-max or HU were not quite correct. Pretty disappointing...

I was pretty keen on using Hold'em Manager but I've put in a refund request. I may come back to Hold'em Manager in the future, especially if they get the Sklansky Bucks EV calculations working correctly for limit games. That would really seal the deal for me. But switching up Poker Tracker 3 for Hold'em Manager without the EV calcs just isn't worth it to me. Throw in the skewed results summary and it's an easy decision to go back to Poker Tracker 3...for now.

I ended up putting in a good session at Stars tonight. I played a couple tables, managing to drop a money at $0.50/$1 SHFL and gain a little at $1/$2. I also cranked out 65 VPPs over the course of my 73 minute session which is always great. I'm only 300 VPP away from getting Silver Star status this month and my first Stellar Reward of $10.

My goal is to hit 1,000 VPP in January. This would release the first $50 part of my 2010 New Years reload bonus. I'll need to make a couple more deposits later this month to work on clearing the last $100 of the bonus.

My plans for the weekend involve playing poker. I may try to clear Silver Star by Sunday night but that will depend on how well things go at the tables. I refuse to put myself in a situation where I feel the need to grind out VPPs while losing money hand-over-fist at the tables. I pulled a few sessions like that back in November and I'd rather not have a repeat performance.

The only other thing I have planned for the weekend is fixing up my Results Summary. Although I prefer Hold'em Manager's interpretation of my overall results, I strongly believe that PT3's stats are more attuned to the reality of my situation.

Have a great weekend!


joxum said...

You know you could have earned the license to HEM for free within a weeks play or so, right? ;)

secondly, could you elaborate on what exactly is wrong with HEM? From what I know, HEM is considered the next generation of it's kind, so an obvious bug like that would surely get noticed?


Klopzi said...

Joxum -

If you know where I could earn the license for free, please let me know. My problem is that I have accounts at most poker rooms out there. But I'd appreciate the heads-up.

As for the HEM software, it's not bad. But at $80, it does not offer enough advantages of PT3 to have me switch over. I was primarily looking for street by street equity calculations (Sklansky Bucks). I thought I'd read that this functionality had been made available in the latest beta release 1.10 Beta 7 (I think). That wasn't the case though.

As soon as the Sklansky Bucks calculations are in place, I would certainly go with HEM again.

joxum said...

There were a few offers in the trial version. I got mine (HEM Professional) for free by playing a few hands on Pacific Poker.

I found this note in the FAQ, regarding EV: "We will be introducing another stat which will try to take into consideration your equity based across all streets which should give a better representation."

So for now, you have to calcualte it yourself, which should be a fine exercise :-)


Klopzi said...

Joxum -

I think I'm more or less boned when it comes to getting HEM for free. I've got accounts at most sites that existed before 2007.

But $80 isn't too bad once the street by street EV calcs are ready. Once I've got confirmation on that functionality existing, I'll gladly slap down my $80 for the software.

For the time being, no Sklansky bucks calcs for me. I am far too lazy to do calculate my equity by hand...