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Feeling the Rush?

I'm sure most of you have heard about Full Tilt's new Rush Poker. I haven't given the games a try yet. I'm still clearing VPPs at Stars and trying to book my Silver Star status for January. I will admit that the Rush Poker sounds interesting but I still have some concerns.

It seems to me that beating the no-limit hold'em Rush Poker games, especially against your average $25 NL monkey, is a matter of nut-peddling. Raise AK and AA-88; set mine 88-22. And to make up for your nitty folds, raise any two cards on the button and cut-off.

But here are my questions and concerns:

  • Do the Rush Poker games increase the advantage of good players over bad? If so, I think they're bad for poker. No-limit hold'em games are notorious for crushing the spirits and bankrolls of new players. Will the money flow upwards too quickly with these new games?

  • Will Full Tilt offer limit hold'em Rush Poker games? My guess would be yes because of the increased rake generated in limit hold'em games.

  • Will the normal (non-rush) games still be playable at Full Tilt or will these games be inhabited by the grinding hard-liners unwilling to give up on their cash cow? According to my sources, it seems that the non-rush games have been effectively killed with this upgrade to online poker.

  • How long will it take before the games become the equivalent of a coin-flip as more and more players start to apply a SAGE-like unexploitable strategy to rush poker? Again, my sources say that strategies are already being formed and applied at the tables to great success.

  • Will Full Tilt offer Rush Poker games at the higher stakes? At what stakes would players be unwilling to gamble without reads or stats?

  • How will PokerStars respond? I don't think Stars should try to offer a similar game to its player. Will they try to appeal to a different cash game player demographic? What incentives could they offer to pull people away from the 300 hand per hour tables over at Full Tilt?

Based on the largely positive reception of Full Tilt's Rush Poker, I'm excited to try out the games for myself. I'll be off for the next four days and I should have a good deal of time for online poker. Maybe I'll break out the laptop on Friday night at the home game for some drunken fast-paced poker action. My bankroll's taken so many hits over the past 16 months that another bad night would likely go unnoticed.

My long weekend will be spent at home. I'll be playing poker, watching movies, eating food that is bad for me, and just enjoying some downtime. I've got a homegame on Friday night where I'll get to crack out my new Copag cards from PokerStars.

I'll be back next week with my thoughts on Full Tilt's Rush Poker games. I should also be a Silver Star VIP at Stars by then as well.

Have a good one!


The Poker Meister said...

Can't speak for all levels, but the $50nl games got a little better. They definitely are not dried up; FT implemented a min buy in policy of 35BBs to go with their shallow stack tables. *MUCH* nicer!

Klopzi said...

Meister -

Good to know. I'm still playing more fixed limit hold'em than no-limit. I guess we'll wait and see how thing pan out over time. The $10 Rush games were pretty packed tonight.