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Automatic Card Shufflers: Fact or Fiction?

I was planning on picking up Anthony Holden's Bigger Deal from the PokerStars store. I'm sitting at around 950 FPPs on Stars at the moment. It's pretty slow to earn FPPs playing the micro-stakes games but that's a price I'm happy to pay while I work on my game and my confidence. In any case, I've decided to work towards a different FPP store item: playing cards. I'm not sure if Stars still offers Copag playing cards. If they do, that's what I'll be ordering soon...I hope.

I'm planning on having friends over for a poker night in the next few weeks. The one item that I really need to buy before the poker night is an automatic card shuffler. The Copag cards would be a nice bonus though.

I'm not sure how easy it is to find and buy card shufflers in the States. Up here in Ottawa, it's damned near impossible. I haven't found a single store that sells them. I've looked at eBay but the prices seem pretty outrageous. Would you be happy paying $30 for a plastic card shuffler? Kinda tilts me just thinking about it.

I've been much more into poker lately. That's probably why I've been happy to have friends over for poker lately. I think a switch went off in my head just before Christmas that has got me taking the game semi-seriously again. Not in terms of stakes, mind you, but I find that I'm much more involved and interested in the game. It's nice to care about poker again. I hope the feeling isn't fleeting and I can stick with it a little while.

I was going to play a bit more no-limit hold'em this year but I'm currently stuck playing limit hold'em at Stars. With the New Year's Reload Bonus underway, I find it too hard to earn FPPs playing $25 NL. I'd move up to a bigger game but that would defeat the purpose of my self-imposed learning period. No point playing $50 or $100 NL when I can't even beat the $25 games. Bonuses clear pretty quickly at $1/$2 limit hold'em but I'm still trying to prove to myself that I belong at the $0.50/$1 tables.

I may also have a bit of fun tonight and give the micro-stakes 6-max Omaha Hi-Lo games a shot. I'm currently an overall loser at the $0.05/$0.10 and $0.10/$0.20 6-max O8 games. I may be able to fix that in short order tonight. A few lucky hands is all it should take to put myself in the green and leave those games behind me for good.


Littleacornman said...

Best of luck for 2010!

Spotted a card shuffler on Amazon for $12.99.Might be worth a go.

Klopzi said...

@Littleacornman -

I've seen that same automatic shuffler on Amazon. My issue is with the shipping costs on getting those card shufflers across the border. Paying $13 for a card shuffler and $20 for shipping and handling really tilts me.

I did find a very low end shuffler in Quebec for $22 total. I was hoping to do better than that. I'll probably have to settle at $22 or nothing (leaning towards nothing at the moment).

Here's hoping you log some big wins in 2010 and, more importantly, recover fully from your accident last year.

Littleacornman said...

Ahh I knew it couldn't be as simple as all that! Typical!