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'Twas the weekend before Christmas...

Weekend's here! I haven't had time to post in the past couple days due to a serious lack of free time.

My weekend plans kick off tonight with a little Christmas poker party. Drinks, chips, and cards: I can't wait! There won't be any money involved in any of the live poker played tonight. Of course, I'm sure laptops will be fired up later in the evening and money will be donked away online. I'll likely be playing Full Tilt's micro-stakes 6-max limit hold'em or Omaha Hi-Lo games.

One last note before I shut 'er down for the weekend: PokerStars customer support is awesome! E-mailed them yesterday concerning my FutureShop gift certificate. I hadn't heard anything about my gift certificate since placing my order in the Stars FPP store. In less than 24 hours, my gift card arrived via FedEx overnight delivery! How's that for customer support?!

Have a great weekend!

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joxum said...

Pokerstars has customer support that exceeds what you can expect - even compared to a brick and mortar shop. They are just awesome.

I've posted several examples to wit.