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I played a two-hour session last night at Full Tilt. One table of 6-max limit hold'em and one of Omaha/8. I broke even in Omaha/8 and dropped another 16 BBs in LHE. I'm torn between attributing my losses in LHE to a few bad hands (flopped flush vs. slowplayed flopped nut flush, AA vs. rivered set, etc.) but I'm sure I'm doing other things poorly.

First and foremost, I'm worried that I'm playing too tightly from the blinds. I hate playing out of position and tend to fold my marginal hands. Given the rake at the micro-stakes, I don't think this is a huge mistake. I'm just worried that I'm passing up potentially profitable situations by mucking so many hands when getting 5:1 or 7:1 on my money.

I'm also coming out on the losing end more often than not when the betting gets hot and heavy on the turn or river. Then again, I had a guy try to bluff me off my hand by capping on the river with a 9-high. I just don't get these low-limit games. I'm not sure how to succeed when my opponents hand ranges seem to be ATC (any two cards) most of the time. I'm playing poker in a minefield where every bet by my opponents is either the nuts or nothing. I just don't understand how their big hands always seem to beat my big hands. I might be running cold even though poor play is the likely culprit for my recent results.

I think my first priority tonight is to do a little research into proper session review techniques. I know that simply looking over my big winning hands and big losing hands is not enough. But I don't know what else to do at the moment. I'd rather not spend half of my available free time reviewing my minuscule poker sessions. I could try to do just that if it means that I'll start seeing better results. I'm hoping to find some good Poker Tracker tips and tricks that will quickly identify my potential leaks.

I could also start posting hands where I feel that I've made a mistake. You know that feeling you get when your playing poker? You call when you feel that you should fold or check when you know you should bet? I need to find out if I'm correct in feeling bad about my play or whether I've made a standard call-down or check-fold. I think the fine folks on the DeucesCracked forums might be able to help me out. I'd just rather not spend a ton of time on the forums every night. Between my kids, my wife, and playing poker, I don't have much time for anything else.

Anyone out there have some free time for sale?

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Memphis MOJO said...

I'm playing too tightly from the blinds. I hate playing out of position and tend to fold my marginal hands.

Sounds like you are playing the right way to me. Say you get 5:1, so what if you have to fold most of the time and play blind, even if you hit the flop.