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Those who fight donkeys...

You ever have one of those nights where your good play gets punished and your bad play gets rewarded? That's exactly what happened last night. I guess it's only fair that I suck out every so often. It still feels dirty and cheap to me.

In one hand of note, I managed to spike a three-outer to pull ahead in an AQ vs. QQ match-up. I raised my AQ from UTG and got re-popped by an active player in the big blind. I only had five hands on the Villain at this time (80/50/3.0). I decided not to cap pre-flop in the hopes of inducing further post-flop bets from my opponent. Flop was all rags and I floated my opponent's flop bet. I was planning on showing down my ace high. The ace on the turn gave me top pair. I decided to flat Villain's turn bet and pop the river instead when Villain fired his third barrel at the pot. He made a crying call with his QQ.

I played one hand semi-terribly, I think, at the same table a couple of hands later. A seemingly TAG-ish player (23/20/2.3 over 7 hands) raised from the cut-off and I call 3-bet pocket Jacks from the small blind. Flop came K♥ 9♥ 9♣ and I made a standard c-bet and Villain called. Turn was an offsuit ten and I had a choice: bet to protect against a possible flush draw or go into check-call mode. I decided to bet out and got instantly raised.

I honestly didn't know what to do in this spot. I didn't think the Villain was bluffing. He would have probably semi-bluff raised the flop with a reasonable draw - though I'm still not too sure how (potentially) solid players play at the micro-stakes. I thought that maybe the ten had helped the Villain - maybe a hand like AT, QT, or JT? Of course, a slow-played 9x hand was also possible.

After a few seconds, I decided to call the raise. My plan was to fold on the river unless I hit my set (check-call the river) or my gut-shot straight (check-raise the river). I was getting about 6:1 on my call but figured I'd get at least one more bet on the river from the Villain. I love how math can justify a loose call.

My question: do you like the bet out on the turn or do you go into check-call mode? When raised, how do you respond without solid reads on your opponent? Do you fold on the river if you miss your six-outer or do you call with second pair in a heads-up pot on paired and draw heavy board?

In any case, the river the offsuit Queen. I checked to the Villain and he bet out. As planned, I check-raised, Villain called, and showed a turned two-pair (Kings and Tens).

My limit hold'em game is still a work in progress. I've said it before and I'll say it again: poker's a tough, tough game. But I'm not ready to muck my cards just yet...

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