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Poker Results Summary

I took a look at all of my Poker Tracker 3 results last night. I recorded the numbers for every single game that I played and record in either Poker Tracker 3 and Poker Tracker Omaha. I'm happy to say that, overall, I'm still well ahead of the game. My results at the $100 and $200 SHNL games and $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 FL have helped cushion the results I've had at many of the other games and stakes that I've played in the past four years.

My results are available for you viewing pleasure after the jump...

Below you'll find a table listing my results across all games and stakes. Any entries marked with a green arrow signify that I am currently "up" for that particular game. Entries marked with a red arrow represent those games that I am currently "losing". The number in parentheses immediately following the red arrow shows the number of BB that I've lost playing the game associated with that row of data. The term BB refers to "Big Bets" for the limit games and "Big Blinds" for no-limit and pot-limit games (i.e. 100 BB is typical full buy-in).

My plan for the next long, long while is to eliminate all of the red arrows and numbers below. I suspect that this undertaking will take quite a bit of work. There are obvious weak spots in my game and it'll be an uphill battle to plug those leaks and start winning. But I'll keep at it because that what poker players do. Keep grinding until we give up the game or go broke.

I'll update this page every so often to reflect my current results.

These numbers are accurate as of  March 31, 2010.

Full-Ring Limit Hold'em (FL)
$2/$4 ⇓ (34 BB)
$3/$6 ⇓ (67 BB)
Short-Handed Limit Hold'em (SHFL)
$1/$2 ⇓ (250 BB)
$2/$4 ⇓ (25 BB)
Heads-Up Limit Hold'em (HUFL)
$0.50/$1 ⇓ (19 BB)
Full-Ring No-Limit Hold'em (NL)
$20 NL
$25 NL
$50 NL
$100 NL
$200 NL ⇓ (258 BB)
Short-Handed No-Limit Hold'em (SHNL)
$10 NL ⇓ (420 BB)
$25 NL ⇓ (295 BB)
$50 NL ⇓ (114 BB)
$100 NL
$200 NL
Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em (HUNL)
$50 NL ⇓ (452 BB)
Full-Ring Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO)
$20 PL ⇓ (120 BB)
$25 PL ⇓ (300 BB)
Short-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha (SHPLO)
$25 PL
$50 PL ⇓ (11 BB)
Full-Ring Limit Omaha/8 (O8)
$0.25/$0.50 ⇓ (27 BB)
$0.50/$1 ⇓ (20 BB)
$1/$2 ⇓ (151 BB)

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