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Late Sessions, Poor Results

I've been starting my poker sessions much later at night in recent days. Kids, Christmas, exercise, and many other things keep me from firing up my laptop any earlier than eleven o'clock at night. I'm not sure how big a role fatigue plays in my results. I'm always tired. I don't think playing poker an hour or two earlier would improve my results very much.

I only mention fatigue and playing poker late at night as a way of justifying my continued losses in 6-max limit hold'em. I was very close to break even in the $0.50/$1 games. But a few hands (TPTK vs. set, TPTK vs. trips, flopped top two vs. flopped flush) all cost me dearly. I continue to miss a good number of flops in multiway pots which doesn't help my abused bankroll. At one of my tables, my "went to showdown" stat hovered around 12% with a 0% "won money at showdown". It's just been one of those months, I guess.

On a bright note, I did grab a seat in a full-ring $10 NL game. I managed to win enough to put my overall record at full-ring $10 NL back above zero. Another line in Poker Tracker with a nice green number staring back at me. It's quite satisfying. Of course, I'll be far happier to start beating the 6-max limit hold'em games again.

I'm going to try posting some hands on the DeucesCracked forums. Maybe someone over there will be able to point out where I'm going wrong. It'll be hard to find the hands that best exemplify the difficulties I'm having at the tables. The big pots and small pots play themselves. The truth behind my current losses lies somewhere between these two extremes. I find myself folding hands to turn and river aggression in multiway pots quite a bit. I hate over-calling with marginal hands on the river - a spot I find myself in quite often.

Another possible leak is that I focus too much on the short-term when it comes to making decisions. If the pot is laying me 6:1 on the turn and I have an estimated 20% equity, I tend to fold. I have little faith in the probable equity that I've calculated for my hand which could result in a horribly misplayed river. When I'm not a favourite to take down the pot and I'm not leading the betting, I play a weak-tight game. I guess I just don't have enough experience in 6-max limit hold'em yet.

Oh well, I'm learning. Give me a little time and I'll get it.

Have a good one

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