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It's not getting any easier...

My weekend at the tables started off rather poorly. I was so close to the break-even mark in $0.50/$1 6-max limit hold'em. And then I ran into a few tough situations. My worst enemy at these micro-stakes tables are the loose-passive players who wait until the river to check-raise me. I always seem to have a reasonable hand against these guys and usually pay off their flopped nuts or turned boats.

In one hand, I raised a strange river donk with my flopped set, got three-bet by my loose-passive friend, and shown a rivered straight. I figure a rivered two-pair hand was more likely than the nuts. I'm not sure if my raise was good or bad in this spot.

The weekend wasn't all bad. I managed to tally a winning record in full-ring $0.05/$0.10 Omaha/8. I'm currently working on getting even in the full-ring $0.25/$0.50 Omaha/8 games. I was down a total of 3 BB when I started playing on Saturday but now find myself down 11 BB. What can I say? I'm not that great an O/8 player, I guess. Too many loose flop calls, ridiculous turn peels, and awful calls on the river. I think my pre-flop play is lacking too. Lots of work to do in O/8 before I start posting any wins.

I'll probably play a bit of poker tonight. I'm thinking one table of limit hold'em and one table of O/8. I found that this combination worked quite well on Saturday. Playing two tables keeps me focused on what I'm doing. At the same time, the slower pace of Omaha/8 allows me to focus a bit more on the limit hold'em game. Conversely, the fast-paced limit hold'em games prevents me from getting out of line in the Omaha/8 game which, at the stakes I play, is nothing more than a test of patience.

I've been re-reading Winning Omaha/8 Poker to help me re-focus my Omaha/8 game. And I'm going to re-read Miller's Small Stakes Hold 'em this week as well. Looking down the road, I may spend a little time with No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice, Professional No-Limit Hold'em, and Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em to help me get back on track with my no-limit hold'em games. I'd like to finally beat the $25 and $50 6-max games before tackling anything in the $100 - $400 buy-in range.

Have a good one!

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