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Friends, Drinks, and Pineapple

I played some live poker on Friday night. There was no money involved: just pride and lots of drinks. We played some three-way limit hold'em and Pineapple. I learned that I know more than the average person when it comes to limit hold'em. And I also learned that luck will beat out skill any day.

I actually came out well ahead in the live game. It was nice playing poker with friends. And though I was planning on playing some online poker later Friday evening, it never really panned out. I played fifteen minutes of $25 NLHE at Party but then called it quits. It got to be a little too late and I was ignoring my guests.

All in all, it was a light weekend for poker. I was too tired to play poker on Saturday. I spent most of my free time playing and finishing Borderlands. But now that I've finished the game, I'm going to try and focus a little more heavily on poker to finish off 2009. I was not kind to poker this year and I paid the price at the tables. I think I donked off about 20% of my working bankroll playing various games. I won't bee too sure of the final tally until I add up the numbers in eleven days time.

Until then, I'm planning on continuing my education at the $0.50/$1 6-max limit hold'em games, micro-stakes Omaha/8, and even the 6-max $25 no-limit hold'em games which I have been unable to beat in the past few years.

Have a good one!


jack said...

alot of luck and a bit of skill :)

Stephen Kammerman said...

Yeah, you think luck beats out skill any day? I feel like the opposite-I have been practicing for a couple of years just to get up to the level of my poker buddies and everyone seems to agree that poker requires great skill (bluffing, knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, as they say)....

Klopzi said...

@Stephen -

I used to think that the most skilled players would beat the luckiest players. But imagine a situation where I flopped the nuts every hand. No amount of skill could overcome my luck and I'd be the greatest poker player in the history of the game.

That being said, I think that being skilled at poker is crucial to success. It's the only variable that I can control at and away from the tables.

But understanding that there will be sessions that you will lose no matter how well you play is a fact of the game. Even if you're able to give yourself a huge 3% skill margin against your regular opponents, that's still a very small margin of profit.

Good luck at the tables!