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Take These and Call Me in the Morning

I planned quite a bit of poker last night but it wasn't meant to be. After supper and a spot of mindless television watching with my wife, I needed to take care of a few administrative tasks. I still managed to squeeze in 40 minutes of poker before I went to bed.

The first thing I wanted to do last night was to get myself a proper affiliate code for PokerSavvy Plus. I've discussed how much their site impressed me in the past (including both Foucault's and IStrong's awesome instructional vids) so I figured I'd make it official and become an affiliate. It's a great fit for me because I'm a huge fan of the PokerSavvy crew and I appreciate the work they do for the poker community. Their instructional videos are top-notch and invaluable to the education of any poker player looking to beat online poker.

My one complaint at this time is that there is a definite lack of focus on short-handed limit hold'em at PokerSavvy. In their defense, limit hold'em isn't as popular as it used to be (or as it should be). They do have some incredible video series for no-limit hold'em cash games and PLO. They also have a surprising amount of content for mixed games, MTTs, and SNGs as well. Great site and I highly recommend that you sign-up for PokerSavvy Plus today.

And while I'm in the mood to give my readers great advice, let me remind each and everyone one of you out there that rakeback is a necessity for online poker players. PokerStars is great and all but there will come a time when you'll find yourself wanting to try out some other sites (e.g. Full Tilt Poker). Just make sure that you visit RakeTheRake first to set-up your rakeback account before signing up anywhere. RakeTheRake is one of the best poker-related companies that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with over the years. I've stuck with them for the past four years and I have yet to be disappointed. Great rakeback deals, amazing monthly freerolls and rake races, and unbelievable customer support. I actually won a monthly freeroll at Party Poker a few years back for a cool $1K. And let's not forget the rakeback that I collect each and every week by simply playing poker.

That's all I'll say about PokerSavvy and RakeTheRake...for today.

In addition to updating my site last night, I also created a new Poker Tracker 3 profile for my 6-max limit hold'em games. Strangely enough, many of the numbers and color ranges that I'd created and used for NLHE applied to my LHE profile as well. It only took me 10-15 minutes of fiddling to get everything just the way I liked it.

Oh! I also downloaded TiltBlocker to help keep me even-keeled during unusually good or bad sessions of LHE or Omaha/8. I'm a sucker for chasing losses so I'm hoping TiltBlocker will keep me honest when I feel that my A-game is done for the night.

By 11:45 PM, I'd finished all of my admin duties and got to playing poker. I played for 20 minutes at Party Poker and Titan Poker. The player traffic was pretty awful for the 6-max LHE games at that time. I decided to give PokerStars' games a try.

Oh. My. Goodness. There were 130,000 players online at 11:55 PM last night. There were at least 20 tables of $0.50/$1.00 6-max LHE running. And at least 75% of these tables had bloated pot-sizes and great numbers for players-per-flop. I only stayed to play for about 20 minutes which was good enough for me to pick up a small win. I picked up AA and went to war with an opponent's 83s on a 7732J board. Good times.

My plans for tonight are to continue testing out Stars' LHE waters. I don't think I'll earn much more than 5-10 VPPs per hour of multi-tabling the $0.50/$1.00 games but I can't worry about that right now. I'd just like to play poker against some (hopefully) weak opposition and come out break even or slightly ahead when the dust clears.

Have a good one!

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