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Bonus at Full Tilt?

Has anyone else heard about a new bonus running over at Full Tilt? I plan on checking it out tonight. If there is a bonus, I'm definitely going to partake of Full Tilt's generosity.

After a solid weekend at the tables, I'm less than 400 VPP away from earning my SilverStar VIP status and, consequently, my $250 FutureShop gift certificate. I still have a little bit of poker to play before I can finally collect my $100 PokerStars bonus but I'd put that pursuit on hold if Full Tilt is offering some extra bonus money.

The one thing I've found about the 6-max $1/$2 limit hold'em games at Stars is that they're beatable. The one caveat is that the rake is outrageous! I've paid almost as much rake as I've collected in winnings this month and I've been running pretty good. If I played the same number of hands with the same results over at Full Tilt during a bonus period, my win-rate would increase by 2 BB/100.

Given my current clear rate of 70 VPP/hour at Stars, I've got another six hours to play before I get my gift certificate. From there, it'll be over to Full Tilt unless this bonus thing is just in my imagination.

Have a good one!


The Poker Meister said...

It's real. Google "holiday hundred full tilt" and you'll see it. So long as you've deposited an initial amount somewhere along the way, you're in good shape. You'll need 1667 base points in order to collect the full bonus.

Klopzi said...

Hey Meister -

Yep, I got all the details last night after logging into Full Tilt.