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Picking Up The Pieces

I was really tempted to take a break from poker after getting beat down so badly over the weekend. In the past, that's how I've handled myself when short-term variance took a unexpected turn for the worse. I decided to approach the problem more methodically this time. I wanted to identify exactly what had happened, figure out if I could make any necessary changes to my game, and continue playing poker.

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I can now say that I've tasted the ass-end of variance after a horrible weekend at the tables. I don't know what else to say at this point. I was cruising along well this month. I was up 100 BB in $1/$2 limit hold'em and was all set to clear my $100 PokerStars bonus, order my $250 gift certificate from the FPP Store, and possibly move up to $2/$4 by month's end.

And then it happened...

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It's been a busy week. Between the kids, shopping, work, and searching for a copy of Borderlands at my local Blockbuster, I'm exhausted.

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The Old One-Two

Yesterday I mentioned that I had a pretty good weekend at the tables. Right on schedule, I took a good hit at the tables last night. The games were quite good with a good mix of bad LAGs and fish. The downside to these types of games is that things can get expensive when you miss flops and turns in four-way pre-flop capped pots or when your opponents chase and hit an unlikely two pair on the river. Is there any feeling worse than getting check-raised on the river?

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Bonus at Full Tilt?

Has anyone else heard about a new bonus running over at Full Tilt? I plan on checking it out tonight. If there is a bonus, I'm definitely going to partake of Full Tilt's generosity.

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Bad Beats?

I had a whole "thing" planned for today's post. I was going to talk about short-term variance, complain about bad beats, and try to get sympathy from my readers. But I don't have the time to be philosophical about this. And the only reason that most of us review others' bad beats is to feel better about our plight at the tables.

And so I'll see you off into the weekend with some hands that I played poorly, got unlucky, or both. Enjoy!

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Remembrance Day, Family, and Poker

I had the day off of work yesterday in honour of Remembrance Day. I feel a little guilty having taken the day off without doing anything to remember the veterans who fought and died for my freedom. I was at home taking care of both of my boys, one sick with a mild fever. Despite the fact that I was watching Disney's Cars during the minute of silence, I am infinitely grateful for all that everyone has sacrificed to keep the True North safe, strong, and free for me and my family. I really did enjoy spending the day relaxing with my wife and kids.

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What's Old is New Again

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I didn't play quite as much poker as I anticipated. I did squeeze in a fairly good session on Saturday night and things went well. I bookmarked a few hands that I wanted to post but forgot to copy them from Poker Tracker. If memory serves, I think one hand was a standard bad beat and a few others were of the "what the hell was my opponent thinking?" variety.

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I Need a Vacation...

It's finally Friday and I'm exhausted. Between work, contractors, and H1N1 vaccination clinics, I'm beat and ready for a couple days off. My plans for the weekend involve relaxing, having a few drinks, a bit of exercise, and trying to plan a healthy diet for me to take up as soon as possible. My body's getting too old for the food I eat and I need to change things around.

But this change won't happen over the next two days so let's talk poker!

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A Rough Start

I was pretty tired last night after a long day. I considered playing some Uncharted 2 on my PS3 but decided that my time would be better spent working on my limit hold'em game. I'm not sure if last night's session taught me much of anything. Maybe that's not entirely true. I was forced to re-focus my efforts after dropping a number of hands right at the beginning of my sessions. I made some fairly substantial mistakes against the calling stations at my tables and paid the price in chips.

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Take These and Call Me in the Morning

I planned quite a bit of poker last night but it wasn't meant to be. After supper and a spot of mindless television watching with my wife, I needed to take care of a few administrative tasks. I still managed to squeeze in 40 minutes of poker before I went to bed.

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Month in Review: October 2009

October was not my greatest month. My results were pretty poor and I barely played any hands. Family, video games, and illness took centre stage, pushing poker well into the background. I focused primarily on limit Omaha/8 at Stars but managed to squeeze in a bit of 6-max limit hold'em over the past week. And while my results weren't great, small sample sizes make it pretty difficult to ascertain what caused these losses: my poor judgment or my poor luck.

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