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A Wiggly Weekend

It felt good to play poker again last night! I only logged around 80 hands of Omaha/8 and NLHE over the course of two hours but it was fun. I lost a couple real-life dollars but earned some much appreciated Sklansky Bucks in O/8 - par for the course. For the first time in a month, I'm actually planning on playing poker this weekend.

My weekend is shaping up to be an interesting one. I'm going to catch The Wiggles live tonight. My kids really like The Wiggles and my wife and I thought this would be a great opportunity for a family outing. I have to admit that I'm a little excited to see The Wiggles myself. I've watched their show on TV for the past three years with my kids so it's only natural, right? I really hope my two boys like the show. They're still young (youngest is two years old and oldest is three) but they love music and dancing.

On the video game front, I'll be throwing in a little Demon's Souls (a.k.a. soul-crushingly difficult action-RPG exclusive to the Playstation 3). I think this game will help me with tilt control. Demon's Souls is basically the video game equivalent of low-stakes online poker. It can be awfully frustrating when things aren't going your way.

In terms of poker, I'm going to play my usual Omaha/8 with a little no-limit hold'em and possibly some fixed-limit hold'em throw in for good measure. I'm still feeling the pull of the limit games despite the fact that they're probably unprofitable and not my best game. I'm a sucker for punishment, I guess.

I really hope that I can keep feeling good about poker. It'd be nice to rekindle just a little of the passion that I felt for the game when I first created this site four years ago.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Memphis MOJO said...

And you have a great weekend, too. GL at the tables.

Laz said...

Man it's incredible how easy it is to fall in and love with poker...

And as for The Wiggles... my kid loves them too... but I can definitely think of better ways to spend an evening! Enjoy!