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Thanksgiving Weekend!

It's been a very busy week. Kids' birthdays are always an exhausting fare. Two kids' birthdays within 7 days of each other is so incredibly draining that I can't even begin to describe it. Basically, I'm tapped out.

My plans to play more poker this month have backfired. I got caught up in finishing off Lost Odyssey. And then I went and did something very silly last night: I bought myself a copy of a game called Demon's Souls. Imagine a game that follows the typical risk/reward strategy seen in poker: innumerable defeats speckled with the occasional bold victory. The game is going to be incredibly addictive.

Given my current state of mind, the thought of playing poker is a little daunting right now. It would be much easier to lose money simply by giving $10 to anyone leaving a comment on this site. In fact, that could be much cheaper than the typical $50 I lose every session at the PokerStars Omaha Hi-Lo tables though not quite as much fun all other things being equal.

With a long weekend starting very soon, I've already planned my weekend: family, turkey, drinks, video games, and TV. I'm going to get a little more sleep tonight and just try and relax as much as possible over the next three days. I need a break and I'm going to get one.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Thanksgiving, but I won't charge you the $10.

Dave said...

I'm too busy watching football and baseball playoffs to worry about poker.