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Never Stop Learning

I chose to play video games instead of poker last night. I was too groggy and sickly to fire up Stars and start grinding. I did do one thing to improve my Omaha/8 game last night: I started reading the Omaha/8 section in Super System 2. Thanks to that little section of the book, I've come to realize that I've been making many mistakes in my recent play that have undoubtedly contributed to my poor results.

I've really got to force myself to be a patient poker player. In the loose, multi-way pots found at the low-stakes Omaha/8 games on Stars and Full Tilt, playing for the nuts is the most important thing. A naked low-draw or even the nut-low itself should sometimes be folded when I'm not holding a second wheel card or decent high-hand potential. And drawing to high-only hands on boards where a nut-low or strong nut-low draws could exist is not always wise.

I also think my aggression has been misplaced. For example, betting a hand like top set on a board with two low-cards (A through 8) into multiple players is not that great a move. My hand is vulnerable and no one is folding. If a bet isn't for value and won't limit the field, why bet at all? Sometimes it's best to apply a little pot control and wait for the turn to see if a favourable card peels off. In that case, it's a little easier to charge opponents for their draws. And it's also much easier to lay down my hand if the turn comes ugly and the chips start flying.

I think my best bet right now is to revert back to a basic style of play. Play fit or fold on the flop. Bet my made hands strongly when I have locked up one side of the pot and have a reasonable chance to scoop. Fold non-nut or marginal hands that have very little chance of improving or, even worse, improving to a second-best hand.

Poker's a hard game and Omaha/8 is no exception. If I want to start winning, I'll have to take a little more care to think through my actions at the table.

Weekend's almost here! I'm looking forward to a couple days of poker and finally finishing off Lost Odyssey for my 360 (which I first started playing in June of last year).

Before I leave for the weekend, I wanted to point out that the amount of thought that I've been putting into poker lately is affecting my dreams. I had a dream last night that I won a chance to be on Survivor. However, Survivor was actually going to play out at the final table of the WSOP.

After hearing that I'd be playing at the final table of the WSOP Main Event, Todd Brunson took it upon himself to give me some pointers. He also gave me a signed, leather-bound copy of his Stud/8 section from Super System 2. All in all, it was a pretty good dream despite its bizarre nature.

That dream was followed by a dream where I was Superman. I assured my oldest son that I would protect him from any harm forever and ever. When I took off my shirt this morning before showering, I saw no signs of the iconic "S" on my chest. All I saw was a flabby, hairy mess. That doesn't mean that I won't protect my son at all costs but I may need the rest of the Justice League to lend a helping hand from time to time

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Memphis MOJO said...

LOL on the dreams. Have a good weekend.