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H1N1 Vaccinations and Losing Sessions

Anyone else concerned about the H1N1 virus? A second wave of this newest flu bug, also known as the "swine flu", is hitting Ottawa and things are bound to get ugly. There is a vaccine available but there are not enough clinics to handle the demand. Clinics are only open for six hours a day and the line-ups are so incredibly long (nine-hundred or more people) that most are turned away before the clinics even open their doors for the day. Canadian health care may be free but it's not the most efficient process around.

My biggest concern is that I'll inadvertently pick up the flu virus on my crowded commute to and from work and pass that along to my kids before my boys get vaccinated. I couldn't give a rat's ass about my health but I'd feel terrible if I got my kids sick because some flu-ridden jackass felt the need to go to work. If you're sick, take a few days off work! Why is this so hard for people to understand? Is it worth possibly infecting and killing children to earn a day's pay?

Anyway, this site isn't a forum to discuss real-life problems like flu viruses or universal health care. I'm here to talk about poker so let's get to it!

I decided to play some Omaha/8 at PokerStars last night. I put my name on the waiting lists for each of the $0.50/$1 high-roller tables going. I also launched the Party Poker client to play some $0.50/$1 short-handed LHE to pass the time. I'll be honest: I don't remember any of the LHE hands that I played. I do recall getting cold-decked once though it could have been bad play on my part. I also picked up rockets and got paid off by one over-zealous opponent. I forgot how much fun AA is in limit games. I may not be able to stack a guy playing limit hold'em but I still love the feeling of invincibility that AA affords me.

I shut Party down after twenty minutes (and a loss of $7) once I was able to take a seat at a couple O/8 tables. I put in a good hour-long session playing two to four tables at a time. The bad news? I couldn't muster up a winning session and dropped another 5 BB. The good news? I only lost 5 BB and earned a few more Sklansky Bucks. Even though I can't seem to beat micro-stakes Omaha Hi-Lo at PokerStars, I am starting to feel a bit better about my game. I still think I overvalue flopped straights and one-way hands a little too strongly in most situations but I'm getting better. I made a couple good lay-downs last night when I got rivered. I also made one potentially good river fold assuming my opponent actually had the hand he was representing.

My plans for tonight are simple: a little O/8, a little 6-max limit hold'em, and a bit of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I also plan on drinking a bunch of Pepto Bismol. I hope the feeling that I have in my stomach is not swine flu and is simply the by-product of failing to win a single session of poker in the past three and a half weeks.

Stay healthy and have a good one!

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