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Guide to Poker

For all the talk of casino games and sports betting that I've done this week, my favourite form of gambling is poker. I like the control - or sense thereof - that I get from poker. When I take my seat at the felt, I'm in charge of my own destiny. I'm not sure what that says about my supposed "skill" when I'm unable to put together more than a couple winning sessions in a row. I honestly believe that poker is more skill than hobby, more lifestyle choice than carefree pastime.

Poker is a game that requires devotion to a constant learning process and the desire to seek out overlays and +EV situation whenever possible. I've read the books. I've bought the software. But I can do better! Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and look at the game from a fresh point of view. Take Guide to Poker, for instance: it's a guide to poker tips and poker strategy aimed at both the casual and intermediate online poker player. The site offers a ton of information on a variety of topics such as:

  • the latest Poker News in the world of live and online poker

  • information about past and upcoming Poker Tournaments

  • WSOP news

  • Poker Strategy, Poker Games, Poker Rules, and more!

We all know that no amount of poker knowledge can guarantee positive short-term returns. No matter how good a poker player you believe yourself to be, poker is a game of small edges. Variance is a real pain to established poker players and potentially devastating to players just getting into poker. I always recommend that new players seek out means of balancing out their results. There are two ways to help you grow and maintain your bankroll: proper site selection and bonuses!

Sites like Guide to Poker can be vital to player's early success. Jumping into online poker without reviewing your available options is not the smartest way of approaching a potentially great source of secondary income. Take, for example, the Ladbrokes poker bonus review at Guide to Poker. The review points out a few necessary high-points to the Ladbrokes poker site along with the necessary bonus information (100% up to $1000!!!).

The Cool Hand Poker bonus review is quick to point out the 100% up to $350 bonus. That's a good chunk of change for anyone looking to get into poker! This particular review also points out the loyalty promotions and upcoming tournament schedule at Cool Hand Poker.

There's no secret to becoming a successful poker player. Buy yourself some poker books from your local bookstore. Check out online poker review sites and poker blogs. And take advantage of as many bonus offers as you can when starting out in the world of online poker. It's a shark eat shark world out there and you'll get eaten alive if you're not adequately prepared and sufficiently bankrolled.

Good luck!


Kamera zubehor said...

Thats really true. It needs some serious to play this one else your hobby can be a loss maker.

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