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Fighting the Good Fight

Anyone else out there desperately fighting the flu and other nasty viruses floating around? In the last couple of weeks, I've been sick three separate times and it's not getting any better. Today's symptoms including slight stomach ache, grogginess, and various nose/throat issues. I'll chalk up the stomach ache to the Hallowe'en candy that I ate last night. Diet's not going well but at least the trick-or-treaters won't have to worry about getting any delicious peanut-laden treats from my house. I'm not eating poorly: I'm performing a community service.

Besides eating candy and playing the awesome Uncharted 2 on my PS3, I'm still into poker. I haven't played much poker because I've haven't been feeling great. I am playing, though.

I focused on playing Omaha/8 over the weekend. I lost all three of my sessions in typical fashion. I haven't won very many sessions in 2009 at all. I don't think I'm playing poorly but I'm also not putting in the time that I should to improve my game or to ride out the variance. But Omaha/8 has been very unkind to my bankroll - more than any other game to date.

I decided to drop down in stakes for a little while. My bankroll can easily handle the swings of the $1/$2 games but money's not everything. I need to learn to be a winning player again and a wining attitude has nothing to do with the stakes I play. I'll keep playing the $0.50/$1 games for a little until I finally crack this O/8 game. I will continue to play four tables at once in an effort to curb my desire to play stupid, tricky poker. Fancy-play syndrome (FPS) and my ego are two of my biggest handicaps at the tables.

I'm also planning on re-introducing short-handed fixed-limit hold'em (LHE) into my regular rotation of games. I've got a number of excellent limit hold'em books and some great videos courtesy of Deuces Cracked to help prepare me for the game...again. I may even subscribe to PokerSavvy Plus for another month in the near future to gather up as many limit hold'em videos as I can.

As with Omaha/8, I'll be playing the micro-stakes LHE games. I'll start with a couple tables and, if things go well, introduce a third table. I think four tables of LHE would be a little too much for me to handle. If I can put together some decent sessions or if I really feel comfortable with the game, I'll start the slow climb back up to the low and middle stake games. I'm in no rush here. I think I've let my ego and bankroll drive my game selection for far too long. I need to focus on playing solid poker no matter the stakes. And it's always best to learn the ropes where the cost of a horrific session won't cripple my bankroll.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing with NLHE and PLO. I like playing both games but I've been having a rough time with them. Maybe a month more of LHE and O/8 will help me get back to the big bet games. Limit games can be a ton of fun but they're pretty rough if you can't handle variance...like me.

I plan on playing some Omaha Hi-Lo at PokerStars tonight and perhaps some 6-max LHE at Party Poker and Titan Poker. I may also squeeze in a half-hour of Uncharted 2 on my PS3 as well. It's a damned good game!

Have a good one!

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