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Betting Choice

My holiday weekend is now over. Not much has changed from last week to this week save for a slightly larger waistline and an urge to avoid further turkey and apple pie dietary supplementation. On the poker front, I'm still not feeling "it" at the moment. It's times like these that my mind and imagination wander. I start scouring the Internet for new and exciting ways to make money. Let me re-phrase that: I start looking for easy ways to make money. And if there's one thing that movies and the Internet have taught me it's that there's no easier way to make money than with gambling!

Rather than delve into the world of blackjack and roulette, I decided to take a look at a sport betting guide called Betting Choice. I'll be completely honest: I know nothing about sports betting or horse racing. I've made a few sports bets in my life and have thankfully come out ahead. Of course, it was all luck. I recall reading Amarillo Slim's biography where he claimed to have made a bundle by always betting on long shots. Right or wrong, Slim is definitely one of those legendary gamblers who was able to make a living betting on the fortunes or misfortunes of others.

If I was going to try my hand at sports betting now, I think I'd probably start by taking a look at the free bet review offers at Betting Choice. There something's so liberating and exciting about free-rolling your way to a big score on a sports bet. At last check, Betting Choice has a list of twenty-one free bet offers with various sites across the Internet. That's a whole lot of free seed money that you could use to learn the ropes when it comes to sports betting.

In addition to the variety of tips and information for betting on a variety of sports, Betting Choice also offers some great horse racing betting tips. I've never bet on a horse before even though I live about fifteen minutes away from a track that offers daily races. I don't know if I'd ever bet on a horse race. I will say, bet or no bet, that Betting Choice's horse racing tips and race information is an interesting read. If you've ever wanted to get into horse race betting, Betting Choice is a reasonably good start!

There are many ways to skin a cat. It's a horrible expression but quite fitting when it comes to online gambling and betting. If you feel like gambling but aren't in the mood for something like online poker or blackjack, there's nothing saying that you can't give sports betting a try. If you do feel like dabbling in sports betting or horse racing, let Betting Choice help you make the most of your money.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can place a bet on the Sens vs. Leafs game!

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