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Sweet Seduction

So it looks like Bodog has opened up its doors to Canadians. I'm not sure if I can access the same player base as the "Canadians Not Allowed" Bodog.com. I hope so. Playing poker against a small subset of Canadian players just doesn't seem all that profitable. Of course, I'll reserve judgement until I have a chance to give Bodog.ca a try sometime soon.

Honestly, there's quite a few quality poker rooms out there all clamoring for my money. Full Tilt and PokerStars are both the two biggies offering tons of perks and huge active-player bases. Then you have your secondary networks like iPoker, Party Poker, Bodog, and the shady Cereus Network. These secondary networks all offer huge playing incentives to its players in the form of rakeback, bonuses, and other perks. Of course, bonuses can't always make up for the lack of traffic (i.e. terrible players) present at the Big "2".

I've got another 24 days to play over at Full Tilt before I test the waters at Bodog. I'm also wondering about the quality of play and incentives offered up by Cereus. Sure, they may just POTRIPPER my monies in the end but I can't say that I'm not considering playing a few hands at Ultimate Bet or Absolute Poker. I'll just avoid playing heads-up poker at the nosebleed stakes.

There's also bonus money (a.k.a. my PLO slush-fund) waiting for me at Party and Titan. And I can't forget about the FPPs and bonus money at PokerStars. Anyone getting the sense that online poker may not be dying off? Maybe online poker's just settled into the ass-groove of our cultural couch?

In any case, I'll be settling into some micro-stakes PLO games at Full Tilt tonight. And maybe I'll pop over to Party and Titan as well. I finished off Batman: Arkham Asylum last night so I should have a little more time for poker. I'll also need to take a look at last month's stats and post them on this site. Someone needs to keep me honest and accountable, right?

Have a good one!

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