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Stumbling Over the Finish Line

Another week almost done and it looks like I'll just make it over the finish line. It was a long week given how busy I've been at work and with all the work going on at my house. And things are not looking any quieter over the next few weeks with more contracting work on the way and a couple very special birthdays coming up.

But I can adapt. I'll keep pushing the best I can to make things work. That's what I do.

Poker is coming along nicely. I'm still dropping money at Full Tilt's PLO tables but that seems to be my lot in life. I'll get the hang of it eventually. I'm simply enjoying a change of scenery from the breakneck-paced 6-max NLHE games.

I've got a busy schedule over the weekend. I've made some changes with my cable company which involve spending lots of money and setting up a couple personal video recorders (PVRs). We're getting a bunch of new channels out of the deal. I'm looking forward to watching the National Geographic channel in HD. It should be interesting. Of course, I'll also be getting TSN in HD which means high-defition WSOP final table! Nice.

Aside from poker and TV, I'll be doing a bunch of exercise in the hopes of regaining a modicum of the shape that I had when my wife and I were married four and a half years ago. I'm not that far off...if you consider adding 10% body weight a minor nuisance.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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