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Strangely Motivated

I spent the weekend shopping, playing with my kids, cycling my ass off while shooting bad guys in Hong Kong, and playing a little online poker. I actually played far less poker than I'd anticipated. I blame the new TV channels my wife and I now have at our disposal. And I blame the other people playing online PLO who continue to win pots that I deserve to win...at least 25% of the time anyway.

Pot-limit Omaha continues to be a fascinating game that I can't seem to crack. I try hand reading but my no-limit hold'em sensibility gets in the way. For example, I paid off a pot-sized river bet last night holding top two-pair on a board where all flopped draws missed. My opponent bet pot on the flop, check-called a pot-sized bet on the turn, then lead out for pot on the river. I figured he was either bluffing or had me crushed with an awkwardly played set. I decided he was bluffing, called, and was shown a rivered runner-runner straight. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to put him on that type of hand. I guess that's why the Villain felt that a pot-sized river bet would get called. Nice hand.

My Party Poker bonus expires tonight. I'm going to give my exercise bike a rest tonight and hop onto Party Poker to make the most of my bonus money before it expires at midnight. I may take it to a $100 NLHE table and try to double up with a lucky hand.

I've also been looking into limit Omaha/8 again. I'd like to give the game another try at the $0.50/$1 games. I'd focus on the 6-max games instead of the full-ring games this time around. Although I prefer the relaxed "play-for-the-nuts-only" full-ring games, the 6-max games are much more prevalent and available.

I'm not sure why I'm enjoying poker right now. All I seem to do is lose every time I sit down to play. But with rakeback, bonuses, and a number of casual readers continuing to visit this site, I feel strangely motivated to put in at least 10-15 minutes a day at the tables. I'm aiming for a couple hours at the tables tonight to see if I can catch some cards. I've got some contractors coming back to do some more work on my house soon and I could definitely use the extra money.

Have a good one!

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