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Painting, PLO, and New Challenges

My weekend plans were thrown a little askew due to some work being done on my house. It's hard to have a nice relaxing weekend when you've got painters running around trying to paint and sand anything and everything they see. On a positive note, my house should look much better which a fresh coat of paint and new roof. The downside is the constant flurry of activity and the lack of air conditioning during a rather warm start to September.

I still managed to put in some time at Full Tilt over the weekend. I'm seven-for-seven in days played this month. I really want that $50 Take 2 bonus! Of course, I'm down about a buy-in at the $25 PLO tables over the past week. I haven't been lucky or unlucky. I'm just making some bad plays and making a number of poor calls when it comes to determining my hand's worth on the river. But I'm enjoying the pot-limit Omaha. There's just something about PLO - and Omaha in general - that I like. I think it's the excitement of not knowing hand's true value until I see the flop. Thankfully, I'm selective enough with my hands that I don't find myself in too many awful situations post-flop. I still make mistakes, mind you, but not quite as many as most of the fish playing at these stakes.

In other news, I've got myself involved in a little weight loss challenge. I'm going to see how much weight I can lose while playing video games. To get better results than the 2 or 3 calories I might burn through use of controller alone, I'll also be strapped to an exercise bike during most of my gaming time. You can read all about the challenge and the games I plan to play over on The Greedy Gamer.

Have a good one!


Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not very experienced at it, but Omaha seems like crack to me. You get a rush, and once you get hooked, it's hard to quit.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

I'm fine with that. I seem to have lost that "addiction" to poker that many of us have when we start playing and most of us lose over time when we realize we are not God's gift to poker.

But a little addiction to PLO could be just the ticket for me. I'm still very responsible when it comes to bankroll management so pass the pipe!