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Long Weekend!

My recent adventures in PLO continued again last night. I played a couple rounds of full-ring PLO at Full Tilt, earned about 5 Full Tilt points, and then moved on to Party Poker and Titan Poker. I only played about an hour of PLO in total across the three sites. I would have played more had it not been for a rather high level of exhaustion and the rather slow full-ring games at Party and Titan.

I'm not sure what people are doing when they timeout every other hand in PLO. Are they haven't difficulty reading the board? Are they playing 30 tables at once? Watching TV? Or are they just trying to tilt me? In an hour of playing two tables of full-ring PLO, I played 50 hands. WTF?! I seem to recall the 6-max games playing a little faster but I can't be sure. All I know is that I tend to get a little too frisky when the games get too slow. I start forcing the action and end up losing.

I lost a little bit of money last night. I find it much harder to lose money in PLO when card dead. There's less opportunity to play like an idiot when you're dealt crap. I'm much more bluffy when it comes to NLHE. I guess that's pretty typical since it's much easier to steal the blinds in NLHE than it is in PLO. And pre-flop and post-flop hand strengths run pretty close making it far easier to c-bet and take down the pot. Micro-stakes PLO is all about patience and waiting for the nuts. Even at the 6-max $25 games, patience is a virtue best not forgotten.

So it's a long weekend! I used to dread Labour Day weekend as a child because it marked the beginning of the new school year. Nowadays, I'm a big fan of this labour-free kick-off to the approaching Fall season. My plans include family fun, playing some PLO, maybe trying my hand at PLO8 (with the help of Jeff Hwang's first book), having a few drinks (if I can get out to the Beer Store tonight), earning rakeback, and playing video games. I guess I'm as predictable as they come but that's the way my wife and I like it!

Have a happy and safe long weekend everyone!

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