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Just Like the Good Old Days...

When I sit down to play hold'em, I know what's in store for the evening. I might run into one or two bad players, I may win a bit of money, or lose a ton when all my draws miss or I misjudge my opponent's show of strength. For the most part, no-limit hold'em players know what they're doing.

Then I sit down to play a little Omaha Hi-Lo. What a world of difference!

I'm not a good Omaha Hi-Lo player. The game is not too hard to learn but it's like anything else in poker: it takes time to get comfortable with a game and even longer to see consistent, winning results. I still make a ton of mistakes, usually leaning towards the tight-passive end of things. Tight-passive won't make me rich but it'll keep my variance down while I continue to work on my game.

Thankfully, it's still possible to make money playing a tight-passive game at limit Omaha/8. I was sitting at a couple tables at Full Tilt last night. Of the 13 different opponents that I had on both tables, I would estimate that 9-12 of these players had no clue what was going on. Every hand was playable to these guys and they would peel on the flop and turn hoping to hit their miracle draws. And when they missed on the end they'd call that one last bet because they were getting such "great odds". Omaha/8 reminds me of limit hold'em when I first started playing poker. I loved limit hold'em...

I played a hand last night that really exemplified this phenomenon. I was dealt a single-suited A235 on the button. That's a good hand. Replace the 5 with A, K, or Q and it's a great hand. The CO raised and I flatted on the button hoping that the blinds would both call; only the BB came along for the ride. The flop came 3 2 2 giving me the under-full. BB bet, CO called, I raised, and both opponents called.

The turn was an offsuit 7 and both opponents checked to me. Being the nit that I am, I checked behind. In hindsight, I shouldn't have been too worried about 72xx or 33xx because I would have gotten more action on the flop. I also had the second-nut low.

River was an offsuit K and both players checked to me again. I bet my 7532A low and twos full of threes high for value and got called by both opponents:

  • BB showed a naked JJ76 for two-pair and no qualifying low
  • CO showed A387 for two-pair and an 8732A low. I scooped the pot which is one of those great feelings in poker, if you ask me.
I'm not sure if both players would have called a turn bet. I'll have a better feel for the game if I keep at it.

My plans for the weekend involve spending some time quality time with my wife, a little Omaha/8, and an unhealthy amount of J-RPGs.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice post. I'm just learning O-8 as well, and am amazed at how bad some other people play. I play in casinos as well as online and live play is just as bad.

Klopzi said...

Well, I just finished my O8 session for the night and I was the donkey. What goes around comes around, I guess.