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Hard Labour

My plans to play a bunch of poker were derailed last night due the amount of work that needed to get done in the house. I helped one brother-in-law install my new dishwasher and range hood in the kitchen while a second brother-in-law re-wired my basement. When all was said and done, I was exhausted and it was too late for me to grab an energy drink. I still sat down at Full Tilt for a quick thirty hands of pot-limit Omaha before calling it a night.

I'm not sure if I made a mistake in one of the hands I played. I had a gut-shot straight draw and a flush draw (to the sixth nuts) on the flop in a multi-way pot. One guy min-bet and I just flat-called along with two others. Turn brought my flush and the same guy min-bet again and the two others players called. I considered folding since there was very little chance that my flush was good. But I'm still a beginner at PLO so I justified making the call with some crazy logic surrounding pot odds and weak-looking bets. The river brought a fourth flush card on the board and the same guy bet half-pot ($2 into $4). Everyone folded to me. I was going to fold but then convinced myself to call hoping that:

  1. Villain could possibly be thinking that holding the lone suited Ace gave him a flush.

  2. Villain had decided to bet two-pair or a set on two streets and, after having been shown nothing but weakness, decided to value bet a little more on the river.

  3. Villain would have bet more on the turn with the made flush.
Have you ever noticed that things never work out when you convince yourself to make that call on the river? Villain showed me the nut flush after I called his bet. I guess I'm a donkey.

My plans for tonight are the same as they are every night: to take over the world! Failing that, a little micro-stakes PLO and some time spent watching TV with my wife will fit the bill nicely.

Have a good one!

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